15 Unique Birthday Ideas For Your Kids

Are you sick of the same old traditions for birthdays in your family every year? Why not shake it up and surprise your kids with something new? Here are some fresh ways to celebrate your children’s birthdays.

Cupcake Chair Cover

Photo from Etsy

Make your child feel extra special at each meal with this adorable cupcake chair cover.


Annual Interview

Photo from Pinterest

Not only will this help to document your child’s thoughts and personality each year as they get older, but it will also become a fun tradition that they can look forward to. This activity will get the wheels turning in their little heads, and they will have a blast looking at their older interviews each year.

You can copy the questions from the image above, or you can just use it as an example and make up your own questions that your child will have better answers for.

Pixie Dust Popcorn

Photo from HungryFoodLove.com

This colorful popcorn is sure to impress any guests who attend your child’s birthday party. All it takes is some popcorn, white chocolate chips, butter, and sprinkles.

You could even serve this while your child’s party guests are watching a movie – easy! It’ll take you 10 minutes to prepare, and then the kids will be entertained for the next two hours. It’s a win-win.

Get the full recipe here.


Customized Cookies

Blow your kid’s mind with these adorable custom cookies that will be designed to look just like them!

These cookies are great for just eating at home, or giving away in party favor bags.

Parker’s Crazy Cookies specializes in custom cookies that can be made from a photo you submit online with your order.


Birthday Breakfast Kebabs

Photo from tbsp.

Sick of the usual pancake breakfast every birthday morning? Surprise your family with these mini-pancake Nutella kebabs. They’re easy to make and interactive to eat.

Get the full recipe here.


Funfetti Cupcake Cones

Photo from Blahnik Baker

Trade in the traditional birthday cake for these cupcake cones. This recipe is very simple and easy to make.

Your kids will be so surprised when they’re expecting boring ice cream cones, and then they discover a cupcake on the inside!

Get the full recipe here.


Special Birthday Outfit


The possibilities are endless when it comes to a fancy birthday outfit; the one pictured above is just an example.

Your child could wear a cute animal onesie, silly pajamas, a superhero outfit, a suit and tie, crazy hats – whatever they fancy.


Let Your Child Call All of the Shots

Well, maybe not ALL of the shots, but let them think that they are the one “in charge” who gets to make the choices that day like: what you have for meals, what movie you watch, where you go that day and what kind of music you listen to in the car together.

Let your child be the “birthday king” or “queen” of the day, and make all of the “important” choices.

Customized Online Birthday Party Invitations

Photo from Punchbowl.com

Let your child customize their own free party invitations with Punchbowl.com.

These digital party invitations are very simple to create and send, and they’re a lot more enjoyable to receive for your guests than just a text message invitation.

Help your child with the text, but let them pick out the layout and colors, so that they can feel like they accomplished something.

No-Bake Birthday Cake Truffles

Photo from If You Give A Blonde a Kitchen

You had us at every word in the name of these delightful little treats.

Your kids will love how cute and easy they are to eat, and your party guests will be very impressed with your baking skills… well, your “no-baking” skills.

Get the full recipe here.


Balloons With Pictures of Them

Photo from Leigh Love

On the morning of your child’s birthday, wouldn’t it be so fun if they could come downstairs to not only balloons, but balloons with photos from their previous years?

Gather all of your favorite photos of your kids that they may not remember or have seen before. All of the funny, happy and exciting moments in their life will be floating in the air right before their eyes. They can reminisce while they eat their breakfast.

You can set it all up the night before after they go to bed. It’s easy, cheap and will be well worth it.


Confetti Balloons

Photo from OddityMall

These colorful balloons are a nice way to add some new decorations this year. I know what you’re thinking… “Looks messy!”

This is true, but as long as you have a vacuum, it’s big deal if the balloons pop – you can clean it all up in less than five minutes.



Custom Face Balloons

Photo from Fotogruesse on Etsy

If you don’t think confetti balloons are quite your thing this year, check out this alternative for a unique birthday decoration.

You can send this Etsy user any photo of your child, and she will print it out onto balloons.

BUY HERE, $3.34+


Artsy Birthday Cake

Photo from Edible Crafts

Are you feeling crafty? Check out this list of crazy birthday cakes for some inspiration.

Channel your inner cake boss, and go big with your child’s birthday cake this year. If it turns out looking not so much like the picture, who cares?! It’s going to be eaten either way.

Let Them Pick Out Their Own Toy

Instead of having them open presents on their birthday, why don’t you take them on a shopping spree? Let them pick out whatever they want from their favorite store.


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