Affordable Fun On The 4th of July


The holidays are always a great excuse to travel and get away from home. However, when the 4th of July falls in the middle of the week, you can’t plan much of a vacation.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to blow your budget to put together a fun 4th of July, either. Consider these affordable activities to make the most of your Independence Day. Enjoy your time with friends and family while also saving a dollar or two.
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6 Reasons Motorcycles Are Way Better Than Cars


The question remains: motorcycle or car? Although cars are more common and seem to be the practical answer, motorcycles actually offer greater benefits to those who ride them. If you’re looking to save money, attract attention and be in touch with nature, then you may consider trading in your four wheels for two.

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When Should Your Baby Learn Swim Safety?

swim safety

Photo Credit: Seth Casteel, Photo taken from

I once tagged along to watch my friend’s baby during her infant swim lessons. I had to stop myself from jumping in the water after her. Seconds passed, which felt like minutes, she was under water. All of a sudden she turned herself on her back and was floating in the middle of the pool. Her mom and swim instructor cheered her on. Meanwhile, I’m sitting there clenching the sides of the pool trying not to have a panic attack.

From womb to water, some babies are learning to swim before they can even walk. What if I told you babies should begin swim safety as early as when they take their first bath? According to Jan Elmer from Elmer Swim School, teaching a child to swim can start “as soon as the umbilical cord falls off.” I’ll give you a minute to catch your breath. You’re probably thinking, “You’re crazy! I’m not throwing my infant into a pool.” Well good news, you won’t be.

Find out what steps you should follow when teaching your baby swim safety.

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The Guide for the Perfect Father’s Day Gifts

Father's Day

Father’s Day is approaching, and your dad is eagerly waiting to find a brand new Red Corvette sitting in the driveway. Sorry Dad, not this year. Though socks and a fishing tackle box may not be as grand as a Corvette, we can assure you that he’ll be happy (if you take the time to read this) that you put some thought into a great gift for him. We give you the guide to the perfect Father’s Day gifts for dads of all types. From dapper to outdoorsy dads, we’ve got you covered.

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Top 10: Cutest Dogs Who Are Internet Famous


If your dog has a unique look (like some pictured below), then you might consider quitting your day job and investing in a camera. Who knows… your dog could become famous.

Can you believe one of these dogs has made their owner millions? Listed in order from least famous, to most, here are the top 10 cutest dogs who have created an internet buzz.
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Why Scout Works Great For Your Teen Driver


The best part about turning 16 is taking your driving test… yeah right. The best part comes after that: getting your license and becoming a teen driver. You no longer have to wait for your mom to rush you to Krispy Kreme in time for the hot sign. Can anyone else relate? Or was that just me?

What’s considered to be one of the most exciting times in a teen’s life can also be one of the most terrifying times as a parent. The second teens get behind the steering wheel, they’re responsible for a lot more than they may think. Before your teen takes off, make sure you cover the safety tips for responsible driving with them.

Once you’ve gone over the basics, you’re going to hand them the keys and hope they remember everything you covered. If you’re having a hard time knowing that your teen will be on the road alone, that’s where Scout comes in handy.
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