What Chores Your Child Should Be Doing at Each Age

Chores are common in almost every household, and they give children a sense of purpose and responsibility. Even though kids complain about completing the tasks assigned to them, when they successfully finish the chore, they will feel accomplished and proud.

Even if your child’s chore isn’t as efficient as it would be if you did it, it’s still important to remember that your children should develop a work ethic at a young age. This will help them to engrain self-discipline in their personalities to use for the rest of their lives.

Here are some chores that we believe are the most appropriate for each age range.

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Top 7 Uses for Scout GPS Tracker

We are inspired everyday by how people are using our Scout technology to keep track of what matters most to them. From tracking lost pets to stolen motorcycles, the Scout GPS tracker is providing people with peace of mind all across the globe.

We’ve summarized the top seven use cases for Scout below.  Whether you are a pet owner, a parent, the owner of a classic motorcycle, or managing a fleet of heavy machinery, Scout is sure to offer you safety and security in today’s complex world.

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Why You Should Consider Adopting Over Shopping

Every year, 7.6 million companion pets (dogs and cats, mainly) enter shelters, nationwide. Of that 7.6 million, 2.7 million animals are euthanized, and a majority of those who remain alive spend years in a tiny cage in the shelters without the proper companionship or medical attention (according to ASPCA). This doesn’t mean that these animals aren’t receiving any medical attention; they are still getting basic shots. However, any advanced medical care needed, like dental care or more serious issues, are not necessarily a priority of shelters when they have so many animals to worry about with limited funds.

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How to Catch a Loose Dog

If you’ve ever tried to catch a loose dog, then you probably know how difficult it is if he isn’t exactly listening to you. He could be scared, nervous or even trying to play a game with you.

Scout GPS Tracker can only bring you to the dog’s exact location. Now, here’s how you actually get a hold of him once you know where he is.

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Dog-Friendly Bars/Restaurants Around the U.S.

Do you ever find yourself about to leave for a restaurant or bar, and just before you close your front door, you see some very sad puppy dog eyes looking up at you? If only your dog could come to the bar with you – oh wait, he can! Here are some pawesome dog-friendly bars and restaurants around the U.S.

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How to Entertain Your Kids During a Hurricane When the Power Goes Out

If you’re near the east coast of the United States, then Hurricane Irma could be headed your way! Once you’ve prepped your house and gathered all supplies necessary, you’re probably going to be stuck inside for a day or three while you’re waiting for the storm to pass.

How are you supposed to keep your kids entertained when the power goes out? Sure, the batteries on their iPads and phones will have another hour or two left, but what happens next? Here are some ways to distract your kids from boredom during a hurricane.

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How to Protect Your Teen on the Road

If you have a new driver in the family, then you’re probably a little more on edge these days thinking about all of the scenarios that could go wrong while your teen is on the road. How did your child go from taking her first steps to driving a car so quickly!? Well, don’t worry. Just like you were there for her when she was learning how to walk, you can also be there for her now – even when you aren’t in the car with her.

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