30 Creative Things For Your Kid to Do Today

Kids these days will never know life before tablets, smartphones and video games. Because of this, they probably haven’t experienced the true adventure and challenge of using your imagination to keep yourself entertained for hours on end.

Here are 30 creative and imaginative activities for your children to do today.

1. Draw a picture, cut it up into 30 pieces to make it a puzzle, and then ask someone to solve it.

2. Create a bucketlist.

3. Create a new invention out of recycled items.

4. Collect sticks and leaves and make something out of them.

5. Draw a self portrait with chalk.

6. Have a bake sale.

7. Finger paint a picture of your pet.

8. Write a new song or rap.

9. Have a silly photoshoot.

10. Put a Scout on yourself and run around the block as fast as you can. Use the app to track how fast you were going in between start and finish.

11. Listen to kid-friendly podcasts, and find inspiration to make your own talk show.

12. Invent a new recipe.

13. Go on a hike and write down a scavenger hunt list.

14. Plant a garden.

15. Look up a science experiment on the internet and recreate it.

16. Tie-dye some old clothing or sheets.

17. Create slime.

18. Collect rocks outside and paint them.

19. Host a tea party.

20. Teach your dog some new tricks.

21. Invite the neighbors’ dogs over to play in your backyard.

22. Move furniture around in your room.

23. Host a car wash and donate the money to your local shelter.

24. Go through old family photos and try to recreate your favorites.

25. Collect bugs and name them.

26. Make up new popsicle flavors.

27. Watch a television show on mute, play your favorite music over it, and watch to see if the two sync up.

28. Play sardines.

29. Give a friend a makeover.

30. Write a play and act it out for your family.


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