5 Head-Turning Motorcycles


Your motorcycle is something that you should be proud of. Hell, you earned that bike! You fought a great fight with your wife for that thing. Here are some head-turning motorcycles that have some very proud owners. Are you one of the lucky owners of these bikes?

1. Jaguar NightShadow Motorcycle 


The Massow Concept Cycles creation includes a steel tube frame, Buell S3 1200 cc V-twin, 17″ rims and a jaguar-mouth headlight. Me-ow!

2. Cooks Custom Rambler


This bike is guaranteed to attract some attention with its retro feel. Cook refers to the engine as a “550 International.”

3. Gustav Skippone


It was created by Yuri Shif. The cream is an interesting choice, but the retro steampunk look makes up for it. It is built around a 107ci S&S V-twin and transmits its 95 hp through a Baker 6-speed gearbox and continental rubber.

4. McDeeb Clubman 500 Superlight


Unfortunately, this Italian Stallion is currently not available in the U.S. If you are interested, consider getting yourself a passport. When in Rome…

5. Ferrari V4


Did you think we were going to forget this guy? How could we!? Engine from an Enzo, F-16 jet controls and a gorgeous body.

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