50 “Date Night” Activities For You and Your Kids


Why is it important to “date” your kids?

Because of the exact same reason you go on dates with your partner. You are spending quality time with them and you’re given the chance to learn more about each other. If you only see your children at home and you follow the same everyday routine, they will not be encouraged to talk to you about new subjects. However, if you’re both in a new environment together, more conversation topics will arise, and you will have more opportunities to learn and grow with your child.

Date Ideas

1. Let them win at laser tag.

2. Go bowling.

3. Go out for ice cream.

4. Check out your local nature parks.

5. Take an art class together.

6. Go to the dollar store and pick out the silliest item you can find.

7. Take your children out for breakfast.

8. Go to a play at your local theater.

9. Go iceskating.

10. Play basketball at a nearby court.

11. Go on a picnic.

12. Visit your local animal shelter and volunteer or just pet the animals.

13. Check out surrounding museums.

14. Go on a day road trip to a nearby city just to explore together.

15. Go to the flea market.

16. Go to the farmer’s market and pick out some produce to make for dinner.

17. Create a recipe together.

18. Write some poetry together.

19. Go shopping for new clothes, then come home and have a fashion show.

20. Go to a concert.

21. Volunteer at a soup kitchen together.

22. Go to a coffee shop and play a board game.

23. Go to the aquarium.

24. Go to the zoo.

25. Find a craft on Pinterest to make together.

26. Create a scavenger hunt.

27. Create your own outdoor game.

28. Walk the dog together.

29. Go to the dog park.

30. Play hide and seek in a public park and keep a close eye on your kid with Scout GPS Tracker.

31. Go fishing.

32. Learn something new together (how to play a new sport, how to bake, etc.).

33. Come up with a skit and film it to show to their friends.

34. Find a recipe online together and go to the store to then cook it together.

35. Go to a pizza place with arcade games.

36. Take a dance class.

37. Sneak out before the rest of the family’s awake to grab donuts for breakfast.

38. Go to the batting cages.

39. Throw a frisbee around in a park.

40. Swim in a pool, lake, spring, etc.

41. Go to a movie or drive-in theater.

42. Go to a local DIY pottery painting shop.

43. Go out to lunch and let them choose where you go.

44. Go to a new park that neither of you have been to.

45. Go bird watching.

46. Walk around the mall together.

47. Go to an amusement park.

48. Set up a movie theater in your home (place chairs in front of the tv, make popcorn, get their favorite candy)

49. Kick a soccer ball around an open field.

50. Feed ducks at a pond.


We hope these ideas inspire you to take your children out and spend some quality time with them while also teaching them a thing or two.


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