6 Ways to Rock Your Spring Vacation

Spring vacation means freedom from school responsibilities for the kids and is a heady time to enjoy some relaxation and family bonding. You have fewer burdens on your shoulders since you don’t have to worry about the task of getting your kids to school or spend evenings helping them with homework. Spring vacation is the season you can finally have some quality time with your children and you should make the most out of it. Your kids must already be wild imagining the fun things they can do during the school break. You can opt to take it easy by just staying at home or do something more exciting such as taking fun family trips. Whatever your choice is, invest in making happy memories for yourself and for your kids. Spring break is that time of the year where you can recharge and it only lasts for a short time.

Enjoy Nature Activities

Spring means great weather and there’s no better way to enjoy spring than going out and smelling the flowers. See nature at its best and take a trip to your local park with your kids and play active games that test their physical skills such as badminton. If you have a yard you can get your kids to ditch electronic games and have some fun outside. Play hide and seek or conduct a treasure scavenger hunt with prizes at stake. Set up a tarp as a tent or hammock so your kids will have a spot to enjoy the outdoors.

Plant Spring Flowers

Planting flowers is an activity that would be pleasing to you but who says your kids can’t pitch in? Get your kids to appreciate horticulture as you take them to a nursery where you can ask them to choose the flowers to plant on your garden. You can plant and grow plants indoors as well in case of cold weather outside. Children will appreciate digging and getting all dirty. Explain to them that the seedlings will grow to be dazzling and colorful flowers. Gardening with your kids is a fun way to share skills and to make them realize the rewards of some manual work.

Tour Your Town with Kids

Have you really explored your neighborhood? Perhaps not. Spring vacation is a time to tour your town without being hurried. You may have been too busy during the rest of the year to try out some newly opened establishments in your area. You can further immerse yourself in getting acquainted with your town by visiting historical places and tourist attractions. These places may have events and special programs for the spring break you and your kids can participate in. You will get to meet people in your community and have a good time too.

Visit Playground

Your children may be looking forward to a trip to the local playground. Plan a day where they can enjoy the playground amenities such as the swing, slide, monkey bars, and see-saw. A trip to the local playground is a great way for kids to meet friends in the local community. Make sure to keep an eye on your kids. Safety gear such as a helmet or kneecaps can protect them from falls and accidents.

Visit Children’s Museums

Museums inspire, entertain and challenge the imagination. Plan a trip to the local museum and open a new world to your kids. Museums don’t just hold artworks, some museums even hold historical artifacts and hold exhibitions from such diverse fields as zoology, botany, and engineering. A trip to the museum will be a fun and educational experience. Most museums even have programs specifically for kids so there is a chance that you can get your kid involved in an activity they will enjoy.

Spring Crafts

Spring break is the time for you to practice your artistic side. You can make crafts on a spring theme such as paper or fabric flowers to be hung around your home. Get your kids involved in simpler tasks such as coloring and pasting. If you are thinking of upcycling some objects you have stashed away in your storage area now is the best time to do it.

Spring break can be so much fun and the stuff you can do that will leave great memories is only limited by your imagination. You don’t have to break the bank to have a great time. Being with friends and family to share laughter and good times is enough to have a spring vacation worth remembering.

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Megan Jones is a writer and a camping lover who works with Grizzly Tarps.
Having huge experience in traveling and exploring nature, Megan has gained some valuable knowledge, which she is now actively promoting.