Activities For Your Kids and Dogs to Enjoy Together

child and dog

As a parent, you know that having kids can be a tiring full-time job. As a dog owner, you also know that dogs are a huge responsibility and time commitment. If you’re both? Good luck getting anything done.

What if there was a solution to entertain both your children and your dog while you catch up on some work, or even get a suntan? Here are some great activities for your children to do with your dog so that everyone stays entertained while you take some time for yourself.


During the summer break when kids don’t have school, they can get easily bored. If you happen to be home from work and have a pool in your backyard, encourage your children (who are old enough to swim) to play in the water, and this time, let Sparky get in on the fun. As long as you’re outside with everyone, you can sit down and relax in the sunshine while your kids and dog get the exercise that they need.

If you don’t have your own pool, try to find a nearby lake that is dog-friendly, or even set up some sprinklers in your backyard.


Backyard Games

If your kids are being loud and crazy while you’re trying to focus on a book, send them out to the backyard with the dog. Show them that the dog will play “tag” with them if they run around because your dog is most likely going to chase them. Your kids can also play ball with your dog.

Your child can practice his baseball pitches or tennis serves, and Sparky will bring the ball right back to him.

To always make sure that your children and dog are in the backyard, you can set a zone on your Find My Scout app to be alerted on your smartphone or Apple Watch when the Scout GPS Tracker (and your child/dog) leaves the zone.



Neighborhood Walks

Teach your children one of the biggest responsibilities of having a dog: giving it exercise and fresh air. Go with your kids on the first few walks to show them a path to follow each time they walk the dog. After they understand where they should go, you can then rely on them to not get lost.

Keep track of where they are at all times with Scout GPS Tracker. Attach the Scout to your dog’s collar or child’s belt loop and track them in real time from your Find My Scout smartphone app.


By the end of the day, your children and dog are going to be so tired that they’ll fall asleep around 7:30 p.m. – it’s a miracle!


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