Affordable Fun On The 4th of July


The holidays are always a great excuse to travel and get away from home. However, when the 4th of July falls in the middle of the week, you can’t plan much of a vacation.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to blow your budget to put together a fun 4th of July, either. Consider these affordable activities to make the most of your Independence Day. Enjoy your time with friends and family while also saving a dollar or two.

Affordable Fun the Whole Family Can Enjoy on the 4th of July

Go On a Picnic

How about moving the family cookout somewhere other than your backyard? Take a portable picnic to your favorite park, sit on top of a hill or enjoy a peaceful lunch by the lake. Throw a deck of cards into the basket and challenge each other to a game of Go Fish or Spoons. Want to change it up? Here are some easy-to-learn card games that even kids will love.

Free Fireworks Show

Want to save money and maintain a good relationship with your neighbors? Instead of setting off loud fireworks in your backyard late evening, attend a local firework show. While staying frugal, you can enjoy an even grander show.

When you leave, make sure that your dog is safely locked in his crate or yard. To be extra safe, attach a Scout to his collar to track him in case he get spooked by fireworks and tries to run away while you’re gone. You can purchase a Scout on Amazon.


Already been to a local firework show and don’t want to fuss with the crowds? Get affordable sparklers for under $5 and bring the party to your backyard. These are a great option for kids who are sensitive to loud noises because it still allows them be apart of 4th of July festivities, and your neighbors won’t hear a thing.


Play Ball

Organize a fun game of kickball or flag football with your friends and family. You can divide teams into red and blue. Take along a cooler with snacks and drinks. Winner gets the first slice of pie. Let the games begin.

Coordinate A Neighborhood Cookout

Forget having a BBQ with just family and friends, why not invite the whole neighborhood? You can host it between a few houses on your street and assign each one a different type of food. If you don’t want to host the event, gather together at the neighborhood clubhouse or pool. Everyone can pitch in and bring the meats, drinks, desserts, side dishes and buns. Want to impress your neighbors? Make these affordable decorations for the cookout. Click here for more great ideas for putting together the perfect cookout.


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