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Why You Need a Fleet Management System

What is a fleet management system and why do I need one? If you’d consider yourself a fleet manager, or want to get into the business, but you don’t have any way to track your vehicles through GPS, then you’re in the right place. A fleet management system is made up of GPS-tracking devices installed in […]

What Exactly Is GPS Tracking?

We rely on GPS, or Global Positioning Systems, almost every day. We use it to navigate to a location we’ve never been before, find a highly-rated brunch spot near us, call an Uber or Lyft, track our kids and pets, and even continuously update the time on our cell phones. Eventually, it may even power […]

How to Maintain Your Dog’s Cleanliness

Bringing your dog to the professional groomers weekly is unrealistic, but it’s still important to maintain your dog’s hygiene between visits; a clean dog is a healthy dog. Here are some minimal tasks that you can practice regularly to stay on top of your dog’s grooming.

Scout Stories: Radio-Controlled Airplanes

Craig has been flying radio-controlled airplanes for 15 years. It all started when he bought a cheap toy RC airplane from Toys-R-Us as a Christmas present for his kids. Little did he know that it would develop into a lifelong hobby. “As soon as I flew it, I was hooked, and so were they,” he […]

Super Mom’s Easy Money-Saving Hacks

Providing for a family can be challenging at times. All those ballet, guitar and soccer lessons; field trip fees; grocery lists; school supplies; new clothes when your kids grow out of their old ones every few months; doctor’s appointments and mortgage payments really add up. We’ve compiled a list of ways for you to save […]