Scout Stories: Keeping Track of Kids

With two young kids, full-time jobs, and a business on the rise, Leyi and her husband already had a lot on their plates when their 3- and a half-year-old son was diagnosed with Autism.

Upon Leo’s diagnosis, Leyi started gathering all the information and tools her son would need for success. This included sending him to an early education program where he would take a bus to and from school. Since Leo was only 4 at the time and not yet speaking, this concerned Leyi. She didn’t want to be stuck at work, worrying about where Leo was.

Leyi said she had his whole bus route planned out. “Just missing a device that can help me track his route and give me peace of mind,” Leyi said.

What if something happened? How would she know if he made it from daycare to Pre-K safely and on time? How would she know if he made it onto the bus after Pre-K? How would she know how long it would take him to get between one place and the other?

“I did lots of research, and I don’t remember exactly how I got it but I do remember that I got to your web page and read about it all and just went for it,” Leyi said about the Scout GPS Tracker. She put the Scout in a compartment of Leo’s backpack during the day and charged it overnight.

“The app and device were easy to upload and set up,” Leyi said.

Leyi recalled one day she was worried when she knew Leo should have already been at Pre-K, but Scout showed his location still at daycare. After calling his the daycare she was informed that he had left his backpack and his lunch behind when he got on the bus. The daycare was able to call the bus driver who turned around and went back for Leo’s things. Another time she remembers Leo’s daycare bus was combined with another bus, and because of the additional stops, he was on the bus for over an hour – but Leyi didn’t have to worry because the Scout in Leo’s backpack updated her every 5 minutes with his location.

Now, Leo knows that the Scout is in his backpack. He knows that it helps Leyi know where he is when he’s not with her.

“I just don’t think I would have been able to be at ease at work if I had not found this device,” Leyi said. “Many headaches and uncertainty have been prevented with Leo while in transport between daycare, Pre-K, and home.”

For more information on the Scout GPS & Bluetooth tracker, go to

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