Child Abduction Facts Every Parent Needs To Know

child abduction

You never get used to hearing the chilling stories of child abduction, and you never once imagine that it could happen to your kid. As a parent, all you want is to protect your child and keep them safe. The first step to protecting your kids from potential abductors is knowing the facts.

The chances of being abducted are far more likely to happen to children than adults. In the United States alone, a child goes missing every 40 seconds resulting in nearly 800,000 missing children a year.

There are three distinct types of kidnapping: family kidnapping, acquaintance kidnapping, and stranger kidnapping. Most parents fear their child will be kidnapped by a stranger. Surprisingly, it’s less common. Continue reading to find out which type of kidnapping is most likely to occur.

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5 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

mother's day

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 14, and you still haven’t gotten the mom in your life a present? No worries, there’s still time, and we’re here to help. Here are five unique ideas for the women that you know always go above and beyond.

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5 Head-Turning Motorcycles


Your motorcycle is something that you should be proud of. Hell, you earned that bike! You fought a great fight with your wife for that thing. Here are some head-turning motorcycles that have some very proud owners. Are you one of the lucky owners of these bikes?

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How To Prevent Your Kids From Getting Lost


Have you seen the adorable videos of parents surprising their children with a trip to Disney? (check out the video below). As summer approaches you likely have plans to travel. And a busy place like Disney might be on your list. What’s a trip to theme parks without swarms of people, long lines, overpriced food and the fear of your kid getting lost?

You can also expect to see lots of exhausted parents being pulled by children strapped to toddler leashes. I mean who’s really walking who? One thing  for sure though, that kid isn’t going anywhere. Seems to be the easiest solution to preventing kids from running off and getting lost, huh?

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Top 15 Dog Breeds That Run Away

run away

Heaven forbid you leave the back gate open or accidentally let your dog off the leash. Before you know it, you’re looking at the next Usain Bolt, in dog form, already halfway down the street. Good luck competing with that.

According to, you’re better off running the opposite direction of your dog. By calling their name and getting on the ground, they’ll sense something’s wrong. If you’re an aspiring actor, this is your chance to put your skills to the test. Be as dramatic as possible. Fall to the ground, yell out in pain; whatever it takes to get his attention.

The unusual behavior will certainly catch your dog’s attention and also your neighbors’… and the people passing by, but that’s beside the point. We’re here to get your dog back.

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How To Educate Your Kids To Prevent Child Abduction


As a parent, it’s hard to know that you can’t always be there to step in when your child’s being threatened. If you’re a parent who worries often about the dangers of his or her child out in public, you aren’t alone. Educate your children on child predators so they can better protect themselves from harm.

A study at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota found that about three quarters of parents feared that their children might be abducted. One third of parents said they feared this more than sports injuries, car accidents and drug addiction.

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8 Benefits Dogs Have on Your Kids’ Overall Development

benefitsAs smelly, messy, time consuming and expensive dogs might be they’re totally worth the extra work, right? They especially are if you have kids – even if the kids are just as smelly and messy most of the time. Not only will getting your kids a new pup garner you Parent of The Year award, but most importantly, having a dog will benefit your kids’ overall development. A dog becomes your child’s companion, protector, and entertainer. It keeps them healthier and secretly teaches them all kinds of skills like responsibility and patience. Hey, if you can’t get them to listen to you, maybe having a dog to teach them lessons isn’t such a bad idea.

If your child dreams of the day that you bring home a dog, you might consider making his or her dream come true after reading these eight amazing benefits of having a dog.

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Keeping Dogs Cool This Summer – 6 Easy Tips

Keeping Dogs Cool

As summer is approaching and the temperature is rising, I notice my dog wanting to spend less time outside. Can you blame him? Keeping dogs cool with all that hair and no sweat glands can be a challenge.

Unless I’m dipping into a pool or relaxing under some shade with a cool, refreshing glass of lemonade, you’ll find me inside. But dogs need exercise and that means plenty of outside time. With this in mind, it’s super important to remember to keep your dogs cool when they are working out their seemingly-endless energy supply in the scorching summer heat – especially here in Florida.

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A look inside SCOUT!


Now that we’ve talked a little bit about what Scout can do, let’s talk about how it can do it. Glenn Zelniker, Ph.D. and the CTO of BluAzu, the company that created Scout, has said that, “Scout’s antenna technology is so powerful it works in most indoor environments, as well as outdoors, and under clothing. It’s designed to keep working after a day at the beach or the occasional puddle party.” The built in GPS and GPS-A utilizes cell towers and server-generated data to estimate the Scout’s position and ensure fast start-up when GPS signal is weak. This means that as long as there is cell phone coverage, Scout’s working. The usage of the GPS antenna will determine the amount of life your Scout will have, but on average we expect a Scout unit to last 3 days off of one full charge.

Scout is rugged and impact resistant, allowing the user to utilize it in their everyday without having to worry about the device being on their person. Everyone has an off day where they drop what’s in their hands or spills their drink onto their devices. The inventors of Scout understood that accidents happen, and the device should be able to withstand the brunt of everyday use.

The water resistance in the device comes from three things:

1. Ultrasonic welding used to seal the upper and lower housings

2. Rubber perimeter overmold that seals the welding seam

3. Rubber plug that covers USB charging port.
This gives Scout a waterproof level of IP65, or in common words, dust tight and water jet levels protected. You should be able to have water projected by a 6.3mm nozzle against Scout from any direction and have no harmful effects on the interior hardware.

Scout is perfectly safe for children, adults, and pets to wear. With growing concern over the effects of exposure to electromagnetic energy on the human body, we consulted with leading experts on SAR (specific absorption rate) and determined that Scout is far below the ranges at which SAR product safety is even investigated.

Next time I will be going into more detail about our antennas and discussing how Scout utilizes cell phone towers to give you the fastest and up to date GPS location.

We know that you will love our Scout!