How to Prepare for Doggie Daycare

Packing and planning for vacation can always be so exciting. You’ve got all of your favorite outfits picked out, your snacks are prepared for the travel time, and you can’t wait to get out the door but there’s just one thing that is bumming you out… you have to leave your dog.

Kennel boarding your dog can be pretty scary when you go on vacation, especially if it’s Sparky’s first time being away from you for more than a few days. Here are some tips to make sure that your dog will be happy and well taken care of while you’re away.

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Activities For Your Kids and Dogs to Enjoy Together

child and dog

As a parent, you know that having kids can be a tiring full-time job. As a dog owner, you also know that dogs are a huge responsibility and time commitment. If you’re both? Good luck getting anything done.

What if there was a solution to entertain both your children and your dog while you catch up on some work, or even get a suntan? Here are some great activities for your children to do with your dog so that everyone stays entertained while you take some time for yourself.

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How to Travel Safely With Your Dog


Are you a spontaneous traveler? You know, a “throw some things into a suit case and hit the road” kind of person? Spontaneity is the best kind of adventure. But wait, you can’t leave Buster home alone for the next week. Just throw his leash and a bag of food in the car, and you’re good to go. Well, not so fast. Before you travel with your dog, you should check out the tips below.

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Why Scout Works Great for Dogs and Other Pets


There are two types of dogs: those who listen when you call their name and those who decide after three years they no longer answer to Rufus. So it seems that’s the case when you’re yelling “RUUUFFFFUS” and he doesn’t come your way. You swore that was the last time you let him off the leash, then came Scout.

Find out how Scout can save you from running aimlessly around the neighborhood to later realizing Rufus was on your front porch all along.

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Top 10: Cutest Dogs Who Are Internet Famous


If your dog has a unique look (like some pictured below), then you might consider quitting your day job and investing in a camera. Who knows… your dog could become famous.

Can you believe one of these dogs has made their owner millions? Listed in order from least famous, to most, here are the top 10 cutest dogs who have created an internet buzz.
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Safety Guidelines for Your Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Picnic

The sun is shining, your bags are packed, and you’ve only got one more work day until your Memorial Day weekend! Whether you’re going to the beach, the springs, or just having a cookout at home by the pool, here are some safety guidelines to remember to prevent any negativity during your weekend of friends and fun.

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How To Find Your Lost Dog

lost dog

We’ve all found ourselves picking up yet another pile of poo that our pup ever so kindly dropped on the bedroom carpet…for the third time this week. Trying to remember what life was like before you became a pro pooper scooper? Let’s be real, life before pups was not nearly as fun or exciting. So imagining coming home to no dog at all is a sad thought. Unfortunately, for some dog lovers, that becomes a reality when they have a lost dog.

You’re either reading this because a) you just lost your dog, or b) you want to be sure you know what to do in case it happens to you. Well, have no worries. We are here to help.

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Top 15 Dog Breeds That Run Away

run away

Heaven forbid you leave the back gate open or accidentally let your dog off the leash. Before you know it, you’re looking at the next Usain Bolt, in dog form, already halfway down the street. Good luck competing with that.

According to, you’re better off running the opposite direction of your dog. By calling their name and getting on the ground, they’ll sense something’s wrong. If you’re an aspiring actor, this is your chance to put your skills to the test. Be as dramatic as possible. Fall to the ground, yell out in pain; whatever it takes to get his attention.

The unusual behavior will certainly catch your dog’s attention and also your neighbors’… and the people passing by, but that’s beside the point. We’re here to get your dog back.

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8 Benefits Dogs Have on Your Kids’ Overall Development

benefitsAs smelly, messy, time consuming and expensive dogs might be they’re totally worth the extra work, right? They especially are if you have kids – even if the kids are just as smelly and messy most of the time. Not only will getting your kids a new pup garner you Parent of The Year award, but most importantly, having a dog will benefit your kids’ overall development. A dog becomes your child’s companion, protector, and entertainer. It keeps them healthier and secretly teaches them all kinds of skills like responsibility and patience. Hey, if you can’t get them to listen to you, maybe having a dog to teach them lessons isn’t such a bad idea.

If your child dreams of the day that you bring home a dog, you might consider making his or her dream come true after reading these eight amazing benefits of having a dog.

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