Child Abduction Facts Every Parent Needs To Know

child abduction

You never get used to hearing the chilling stories of child abduction, and you never once imagine that it could happen to your kid. As a parent, all you want is to protect your child and keep them safe. The first step to protecting your kids from potential abductors is knowing the facts.

The chances of being abducted are far more likely to happen to children than adults. In the United States alone, a child goes missing every 40 seconds resulting in nearly 800,000 missing children a year.

There are three distinct types of kidnapping: family kidnapping, acquaintance kidnapping, and stranger kidnapping. Most parents fear their child will be kidnapped by a stranger. Surprisingly, it’s less common. Continue reading to find out which type of kidnapping is most likely to occur.

Three distinct types of kidnapping:

  1. Family Kidnapping: takes place when a relative or parent of the child kidnaps him or her. This amounts to 49 percent of kidnappings. It most often occurs in the home and involves children under the age of 6. In most of these instances, children are eventually reunited with their families unharmed.
  2. Acquaintance Kidnapping: is committed by someone the teen or child knows. This accounts for 27 percent of kidnappings. A significant percent of the victims in these cases are teen females. This is more often associated with crimes involving physical and sexual assault. Acquaintance kidnapping most often occurs in homes and residences.
  3. Stranger Kidnapping: happens primarily in outdoor locations. In almost all instances, children are abducted no more than a quarter mile from their home. Children are most vulnerable after school hours going to and from extracurricular activities or when parents are less likely monitoring them. This accounts for 24 percent of cases. It victimizes more females and ranges from school-aged children to teenagers.

Five Most Utilized Lures

Most potential abductors try to grab their victims off the street or lure them into their vehicles. According to NCMEC, the five most utilized lures

  • 28 percent offered the child a ride
  • 18 percent asked the child questions
  • 11 percent offered the child candy or sweets
  • 8 percent offered the child money
  • 7 percent used an animal to show the child to gain their attention

FBI Break Down of Child Abduction Based on Race

Asian (1.6%), Black (36.7%), Indian (1.8%), Unknown (3.2%), and White (56.7%). *White includes Hispanic

For every 10,000 children reported missing to the local police, only about one is found dead. However, about 20 percent of children reported in non-family abductions are not found alive. Acting quickly is crucial. 74 percent of abducted children who are ultimately found dead were killed within the first three hours of being abducted.

Child abduction is a real threat and should be taken seriously but is less common than we know. The chances of your child being kidnapped are about one in 300,000. It’s completely normal to feel more protective of your children while out in public but know that they are safer than you think.

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