November is Child Safety and Protection Month

November is “Child Safety and Protection Month,” and here at Scout, your child’s safety is our number one priority. We’ve compiled a list of tips that we think are most important when it comes to keeping your children happy and healthy.


  • Teach your kids to always wash their hands before they eat a meal.
  • Get your children tested for allergies, and make sure that no food allergies are forgotten in the kitchen by your family or babysitters.
  • Throw out any expired food in your fridge in case your kids decide to fix themselves a snack while you’re not around.
  • You can also check out for more advice.



  • If you have teen drivers on the road, or if your kids are in the car with teen drivers, make sure the driver knows to do the following:
    • Always stay off your phone no matter what.
    • If you need to make a phone call, pull over first.
    • If you get into an accident, pull over and call your parents and the cops, if necessary.
  • Hook a Scout up to your teen’s car. This will allow you to monitor if they are speeding, and it will also allow you to know where they were and at what times.
    • If your teen gets into an accident or gets lost, you will be able to track their exact location and find them.
  • Teach your children to always wear a seatbelt with NO exceptions.
  • Practice safe driving around your children to set a good example, and NEVER text and drive.



  • If your children have access to the internet, it’s very important that you teach them how to stay safe.
  • There’s a lot of danger on the internet including explicit content, disturbing videos, and sexual predators.
  • Keep your computer in a high-traffic area in your home, and make sure you have access to your kids’ iPads and iPhones.
  • Have your children show you what they like to do online so that you can have a general idea of what they’re using the internet for.
  • Know exactly who is chatting with your kids online, and make sure that your kids know the rules about only talking to people they know, and never giving out too much personal information.
  • Talk with your kids about cyberbullying, and tell them to let you know if it ever happens to them or a friend. Also, remember to warn them to never cyberbully, even if it’s all fun and games.
  • Let them know that they can always talk to you in a scary situation, and they won’t be in trouble if they come to you about it.



  • Make sure your children bring their Scouts to school with them so that you can know exactly when they got there, when they left and where they are at any given time.
  • Teach your kids the harm of bullying, and that they should stick up for their friends if they see bullying occurring.
  • Always remind your kids to eat breakfast before they leave for school.
  • Tell them to not make any pit stops on their way to or from school. Straight there and straight back.



  • Teach your kids how to dial 911, and warn them it is strictly for real emergencies only.
    • All smaller problems can be solved by calling Mom or Dad.
  • If they get separated from you in a crowded place, make sure they have their Scout on them.
  • If they are not around you and need an adult, tell them to find a policeman or a mom with other kids.



  • Your children should know the importance of “stranger danger.”
  • Teach them that if they don’t know them, and you haven’t told them personally that this stranger is your friend, then run away.
  • If a stranger won’t leave your child alone, tell them to yell and run to a policeman or a mom with kids.
  • Don’t put your child’s name on any backpacks, tee shirts, etc. This will give a predator a way to convince your child that they’re a friend of yours.


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