8 Benefits Dogs Have on Your Kids’ Overall Development

benefitsAs smelly, messy, time consuming and expensive dogs might be they’re totally worth the extra work, right? They especially are if you have kids – even if the kids are just as smelly and messy most of the time. Not only will getting your kids a new pup garner you Parent of The Year award, but most importantly, having a dog will benefit your kids’ overall development. A dog becomes your child’s companion, protector, and entertainer. It keeps them healthier and secretly teaches them all kinds of skills like responsibility and patience. Hey, if you can’t get them to listen to you, maybe having a dog to teach them lessons isn’t such a bad idea.

If your child dreams of the day that you bring home a dog, you might consider making his or her dream come true after reading these eight amazing benefits of having a dog.

Benefits of Having A Dog

  1. Dogs Make For Great Best Friends: My dog is the best friend I’ve ever had.  He doesn’t boss me around – for the most part, embarrass me in public – again, for the most part, he listens to anything I have to say and best of all, he’s always excited to see me. I know I will always have someone there.  As children, we go through so many changes and can sometimes feel isolated or experience depression. Having our best friend there for comfort will help with tough times. There is no better friend than one who won’t judge you, fight with you or leave you.
  2. A Protective Companion: As much as we need a companion, so do dogs. My dog made for the best companion on Valentine’s Day. Everyone knows a good Valentine’s Day has to end in Netflix and chilling, right? Well, my dog gives the best cuddles, plus I didn’t have to share my chocolate #WINNING. Dogs love to be by you at all times. They will follow by your child’s side and protect them of any danger when you aren’t around. They even protect your home – even if it is just through the window against a shifty-looking squirrel in the yard.
  3. Daily Entertainment You Can Afford: It’s no fun for your child when you’re occupied and have little time to play. We know sticking them in front of the T.V. isn’t ideal. Having a dog there to play with them will keep them entertained for hours. Kids and dogs are both crazy hyper, so let them tire each other out.
  4. Who Doesn’t Want to Be Healthier? Attention germaphobes: being exposed to all the germs dogs carry into your home from the outdoors can be overall beneficial to your health. Relax – being exposed to more germs actually benefits us. It also reduces risk of allergies. That means less doctor visits, and kids will have a stronger immune system all thanks to your dog. Who knew?
  5. And Exercise More?  Can’t get your kid to quit the video games and exercise for once? Get a dog. Adolescents need at least one hour of physical activity every day, and so do dogs. Teaching your kid to get into the habit of walking his or her dog daily will benefit everyone. Your kid and dog get exercise, and you get 15 minutes of silence.
  6.  Your Kids Will Learn Responsibility: Right now, your kids don’t have any responsibilities. Sure, they have homework, but we all know that it wouldn’t get done if you didn’t stay on top of it to remind them. Having a dog, a friend who is dependent on your child, will encourage them to stay responsible to tend to the dog’s needs. Your kids wouldn’t want to see their best pal go hungry, so they are going to make sure to remember to feed him. Eventually, your kids will fall into a routine of walking, brushing, feeding, and bathing Sparky. Thus, they will develop responsibility and a sense of purpose.
  7. Overall Effect On Children’s Emotional Development: Children gain empathy and compassion when caring for their dog. Having such a loyal companion can increase their overall mental stability and kindness for others.
  8. They Could Be Happier Too: What’s that saying, “Happy wife, happy life?” Well scratch that, “Happy kid, happy mom.” Dogs make us happy. Interactions with animals cause a release of chemicals (serotonin and dopamine) that make us feel positive. Let’s face it, playing with dogs is always fun, and coming home to your pup can brighten your worst days.

If you’re still on the fence about whether to get your kid a dog or not after these eight amazing benefits, watch this video of kids playing with their dogs. Now, how could you resist?


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