Scout has what we refer to as “Dynamic Battery Life Adjustment”. This means that you can adjust the life of the battery by adjusting the rate at which it reports its location using the “Update Rate” setting.

The more frequent the reporting, the shorter the battery life. The less frequent the reporting, the longer the battery life. You can also move the “Update Rate” slider all the way to the left and choose “Never” as a reporting frequency to maximize battery life.

In the “Never” setting the Scout will only report if the device leaves or enters a Custom Zone you’ve set up or if the movement sensor is armed and senses movement.

The battery life also depends on which Scout you’ve purchased. A child/pet version has a larger 800 mAh lithium ion battery that can last anywhere from 24 hours to more than a week depending on your update rate.

The vehicle tracking version of Scout has a smaller 6oo mAh lithium ion battery but is intended to be hard-wired to a vehicle’s battery as to never loose power. The battery in this unit is purely for backup purposes and will only last about 16 hours if not connected to a power source.