How to Get Rid of the Dog Smell in Your Home

Owning a dog is one of the best decisions you’ve ever made in your life. It’s so rewarding and spirit-lifting when you see that tail wagging and hear those little paws on the ground every time you walk through the door. However, there is one question you ask yourself every time you get home.

“Does it smell like dog in here?”

If you have to ask yourself that question, the answer is probably “yes.” You may feel helpless after going through five candles and not making any long-term progress, but don’t worry, we have some advice that can save you.

Groom Regularly

Dogs roll in all kinds of stinky smells when they get the chance, so it’s important to bathe your dog at least once a month. You don’t want to bathe him more than twice a month because it could possibly dry out his skin.

If your dog sheds, brush him regularly. This will reduce the insane amount of dog hair that collects in your carpet, bedding and corners of your house.

Brush his teeth! You may be wondering what his teeth have to do with anything, but if your dog has stinky breath, this may be contributing to your stinky house. Think about all of the slobber he produces when he chews on toys, licks food off of the floor and licks random stuff in the house (pillows, couches, etc.). Not only will this help to keep your house’s fragrance up to your standards, but it will also keep his gums healthy.

Wash All Bedding/Blankets

Have you picked up your living room blanket/pillows and smelled it recently? How about your bedroom comforter? Chances are, the dog has laid on all of them. Washing your common household linens regularly will really help reduce the dog smell because they absorb so much of it.

Wash Dog Toys

In their own laundry load, wash your dog’s cloth toys. For bones and hard toys, soak them in hot soapy water for an hour, or even throw them in your dishwasher.

Clean Up All of the Hair

The fastest way to clean up dog hair (and pick up other mess along the way) is by vacuuming. If your house is mostly carpeted, you will be amazed at how much hair is all over your floor. It’s hard to see, but trust us, it’s there and it’s adding to the dog smell.

For couches and other similar surfaces that you can’t vacuum or wash in the laundry, get a lint roller to remove the hair.

Mop the Floors

If your house smells like dog, your hardwood or tile floors are most likely covered in dog slobber and whatever it is that they track in from outside. If old-fashioned mopping isn’t your thing, try a Swiffer Wet Jet. It causes little mess and can be very effective.

Deep Clean Carpets

If your dog is known to have accidents in the house, it’s probably in your best interest to either get your carpets professionally cleaned if the soiling is severe, or to spot clean if your dog only had a few slip-ups. For spot cleaning, we recommend Nature’s Miracle Stain & Oder Remover (it can be found at any PetSmart).

Room Spray

To top it all off, spray a room fragrance on all of your linens and carpets. It’s important to clean everything before you do this because if you only use a room fragrance alone, it will do nothing but poorly mask the scent, not get rid of it.