Your Favorite Biker Chick Will Love These Gifts

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Do you have a cool girl in your life that rides a motorcycle? Do you struggle knowing what to get her for her birthday? We’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of gifts she’s guaranteed to love.

Guide to the Perfect Biker Chick Gifts:

  1. Handmade Motorcycle Helmet Rack and Jacket Hook

Not only is this handy, but it’s also very tasteful and will look great in her home by the front door. Her jacket and helmet are probably items that she wears every day so she will be very pleased to have somewhere safe to store them where she won’t lose them. You can find this on Etsy for $139.

2. Flattering, Protective Riding Pants

Looking great is probably at the top of her priorities, but protection should be her number one. Luckily, with these pants from uglyBROS, she can have the best of both worlds. They start around $400, but her protection is definitely worth the price.

3. Protective Purse

Every woman needs a good purse, even if she’s on a motorcycle. How else is she supposed to hold her lipstick, phone, and keys? This handmade leather bag from Etsy can be worn five different ways and is $239.

4. Smartphone Mount for Motorcycles

This smartphone mount from Okra Products is only $19.95 and will hold her phone safely on her motorcycle so that she can GPS to places that she needs directions for. This way, she won’t have to hold her phone and she will be able to focus her attention on the road.

5. Mascara and Motorcycles Tank Top

If she’s a girly-girl, this tank top is perfect for her. It comes in both black and grey, and it’s $16.99. She can wear it to bed, in the summer with shorts, or in the winter with a jacket. It’s great for all occasions.

6. Scout GPS & Bluetooth Tracker

She’s probably a smart girl, and that’s why she needs a Scout GPS & Bluetooth Tracker to keep track of her bike at all times from her Find My Scout app on her smartphone. She will receive notifications right away if anyone touches or moves her bike, and then she will be able to track its exact location.

The Scout is only $49.99 on Amazon and the monthly service fee is only $19.95 a month with a yearly contract or $29.95 a month with no contract.

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