From Grief to Relief – How Scout Saves the Day

There’s nothing worse than realizing that your motorcycle has been stolen. Your heart sinks, and you quickly start moving through the horrible stages of grief.

First, its denial. “I didn’t park here. I must have parked somewhere else!” But deep down, you know that you did, and your bike is gone.

Then, the guilt. “Oh man, I should’ve parked closer to the restaurant. I shouldn’t have left my bike unlocked. I should have bought a Scout GPS tracker and hardwired it to my bike.” Panic and anxiety are now setting in. Your heart is pounding and your mind is racing trying to figure out what in the world to do next.

Now comes the anger. You finally accept the fact that your bike is actually gone, and there’s nothing you can do about it. You are looking around the parking lot completely helpless to find it. Your bike and its thief are probably miles away by now. You call the police and file a report, but they tell you that the bike is most likely already loaded up into a trailer and headed to a chop shop.

The depression comes fast. You start to think about how much work you put into the bike. All of the extra shifts you picked up at work to afford it. In a moment of complete and utter despair, you pull out your bus pass and start walking towards the bus stop. The bus takes 45 minutes to arrive.

The next day, you try to pick up the pieces. You start to look around for a used bike, but you know it’s just not going to be the same. Your motorcycle is gone forever.

Nobody wants to experience what is described in the story above. It’s a terrible and isolating feeling, and here at Scout, we are passionate about making sure you never have to go through it.

For those who are prepared with Scout, everything changes.

Scout can be hardwired directly to your motorcycle’s battery, so it won’t ever lose power, and you can always feel confident knowing that you are in control.

You activate the “Armed” feature, and the second the thief touches your bike, you will be notified immediately. You run outside and check to make sure it’s safe.

If the thief has time to get away, you can pull out your phone and initiate the “Locate Now” feature. You will be able to track your bike on a global map and receive updates every 30 seconds on its location.

You call the police, and when they say, “We will be on the lookout and will let you know if we find anything.” You reply quickly, “My bike is headed West on Highway 19. It’s right there. Let’s go get it.”

After joining the police for what will probably be an exciting pursuit of your motorcycle and its thief, you get it back. You watch the thief get handcuffed and taken to jail. You go home that night on your beloved bike.

You wake up the next day with a smile of pride. It’s a beautiful and sunny day, and you head out for a ride on your bike with your Scout in place. You feel at ease and secure as you throttle up and head down the road.

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