A Guide to the Perfect Birthday Party for Your Dog

If you consider yourself a crazy dog parent, and most of us do, then you’re probably planning on throwing him or her an awesome birthday party. Here are some quick and easy party ideas for you to take inspiration from.

Homemade Treats

Just because dogs can’t have baked goods like cake or brownies doesn’t mean that they can’t have baked dog treats. Channel your inner Betty “Pawcker” and follow this recipe for Peanut Butter Banana Dog Treats.

After the treats have cooled once you pull them out of the oven, you can separate them into party favor bags and give them to your guests and their owners. If you don’t plan on having many guests over, you can spread them out on a plate and leave them on the counter as a snack for dogs to eat at the party.

For the birthday cake, here is a recipe by The Almond Eater for a mini dog birthday cake for the pup of the hour. It is made with all natural ingredients that your dog won’t have a problem digesting so that he can enjoy it without any consequences.



If you’re planning on inviting more than two dogs, we suggest that you host the party in a large, fenced-in outside area so that the dogs will have the freedom to run around and be as crazy as they want without breaking anything or knocking stuff over in your house.

If you’re hosting the party in your backyard, you can fill up a plastic kiddie pool with the hose and let the dogs splash around in that. If you don’t want to buy a pool, then you can turn on your sprinklers and the dogs will have just as much fun.

An easy DIY project that your dog and his guests will really enjoy is this “Ice Lick” by True Blue Me & You. Just throw some dog toys, bones and treats into the suggested bucket or a regular bowl, fill it up with water, freeze, and then remove the ice ball from the container and give it to the dogs to lick. Not only will it keep them busy and cool, but it will also be simple and cheap to create.


A birthday party may be pretty overwhelming for your dog and guests. It’s important to always be watching the dogs to make sure that no one gets stressed out or plays too rough. It’s also vital that you limit your dog’s intake on treats because you don’t want him to get sick.

In case your dog gets stressed and runs away, or even if someone just accidentally lets him out of the gate, make sure to have a Scout GPS Tracker on his collar. You will be able to track him directly from your smartphone, and you will always have his exact location.

Happy birthday, doggos!