How to Entertain Your Kids During a Hurricane When the Power Goes Out

If you’re near the east coast of the United States, then Hurricane Irma could be headed your way! Once you’ve prepped your house and gathered all supplies necessary, you’re probably going to be stuck inside for a day or three while you’re waiting for the storm to pass.

How are you supposed to keep your kids entertained when the power goes out? Sure, the batteries on their iPads and phones will have another hour or two left, but what happens next? Here are some ways to distract your kids from boredom during a hurricane.

Once the power goes out and the Wifi is down, you should see this as a great chance to bond with your family. These days, we’re all trapped behind our screens, and we don’t spend much quality time together.

Because your kids are so used to having a constant mental stimulation from all of the media they consume through technology, they’re going to get pretty restless if they don’t have anything else to do.

Here are some activities you can suggest to your family to pass the time:

  • Board games
  • Simon Says
  • I Spy
  • Staring contests
  • Hide and seek
  • Draw and color portraits of each other
  • Read them a scary story
  • Have them make up a scary story
  • Look at old photo albums
  • Talk about old memories
  • Make silly snack combos
  • Raid the fridge (most of your food is probably going to go bad, anyway)
  • Mad Libs
  • Make puppets
  • Build a house of cards
  • Make paper airplanes
  • Play hangman
  • Start working on your Christmas list
  • Write a letter to your future selves
  • Thumb wrestling
  • Play the silent game
  • Make paperdolls
  • Watch the wind outside (from a safe distance from the windows)
  • Put together a puzzle
  • Sew buttons onto a piece of fabric
  • Dress the dog up in human clothes (nicely, of course)
  • Dominos
  • Tell your kids stories from when they were little

We hope that you all stay safe during this storm, and hopefully your power won’t be out for too long. Have fun with your family!