How to Increase the Efficiency of Your Delivery Business

Whether you’re delivering fresh produce, pizza, or vintage-inspired furniture, there’s always room for improvement and a more efficient practice to expand your company and meet new goals. Here are some ideas to increase the productivity of your delivery business.

On top of a high-quality team and regularly-serviced vehicles, you will benefit highly from a fleet management system.

If you have a fleet of delivery trucks and drivers, you should keep track of your inventory throughout its whole journey from your headquarters to the customer. By purchasing a fleet management system like Scout, you’ll be able to watch your drivers travel in real time on a map on your smartphone or desktop computer. Scout also keeps records of the vehicles’ locations, times they were at those locations, and how fast the vehicles were going in between each point.

This will benefit you for a few reasons. The first one is that you’ll be able to know if your drivers are taking the most efficient route, or if they get lost, by following their real-time location along on the map. If you would like them to go a different way, you can call them and give them alternative directions. This will save you money on the amount of gas that would be wasted otherwise.

Another benefit of knowing when and where your drivers are certain places is that you will have a record of when they are taking their lunch breaks and how long they are spending on them. If your drivers are taking longer breaks than you’ve discussed, you will have records to back you up if you choose to have a discussion with your drivers. You will also have records of how fast your drivers were going in between locations, and this will help you make sure that your drivers are being smart and safe.

The last benefit of this feature is that you can check at any time from anywhere on your smartphone to see if your drivers have reached their destinations for that day yet without having to ask them.

You can also set up Zones on your FindMyScoutapp around your designated locations. For example, if you set up a Zone around your headquarters and also around the destination, you will be alerted on your smartphone or Apple Watch when your delivery truck leaves your headquarters, and then again when it reaches the destination.

So how does the Scout fleet management system work? Each Scout GPS Tracker will come with a simple hardwire kit so that you can connect it to your delivery vehicle. Once it is connected, it will always stay charged and available to report its GPS location to the FindMyScout app. To learn more about how GPS tracking works, check out our blog post, “What Exactly Is GPS Tracking?”

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