How to Prepare a Nervous Dog For Holiday Excitement

The holidays are finally here, and they usually guarantee more noise, people and potential messes. If your dog is relatively new or has a hard time adjusting to change, he might not be too happy about your festivities.

His behavior might change, and maybe he’ll become very shy and hide away, or the opposite, and show aggression towards strangers, crying babies and other dogs who are in his family’s territory. He could also play too roughly and jump on or nip at your guests.

This is normal behavior; your dog is not suddenly defiant or dangerous. Here’s what you can do to help introduce your dog to the holidays.

Your first option is to isolate your pup from all of the craziness to avoid any conflict. This is best for dogs who don’t like loud noises or large amounts of people. If you’re having a holiday party, set your dog up in a quiet room away from the crowd; this will act as his safe space. We suggest that you give him a comfortable bed with his favorite toys, some food and water. If you have a sound machine, that will help to drown out the noise of the music and conversation.

If your dog doesn’t do well by himself, you can try introducing him to all of your guests to show him that they are nothing to be afraid of; this is called desensitization. Let some guests reward him with treats and pet him where he feels comfortable when he’s behaving. He will eventually warm up to them.

If there are young kids at your get together, ask their parents to keep an eye on them when interacting with the dog. Ask that the children are supervised, and that they aren’t pulling/hanging on the dog, sticking their fingers in his mouth, offering him food, etc. As long as they’re not doing anything to provoke the dog’s nervousness, he shouldn’t lash out.

If your dog is out and socializing, make sure that your Scout GPS & Bluetooth Tracker is charged up and on his collar. With dozens of people shuffling in and out of the house, your dog could get nervous and take any chance he can get to slide out the front door. If you’re busy hosting a party, you’re not going to notice if he’s missing – you will probably just assume he’s hiding.

Your Find My Scout app will notify you on your smartphone whenever he leaves your property, that is if you set up the correct zone. If he happens to escape, you will be able to see his exact location within seconds.

If you don’t already have a Scout GPS & Bluetooth Tracker, click here to learn more and purchase your own here.

We hope your holidays are full of joy, love and protection.