How to Protect Your Teen on the Road

If you have a new driver in the family, then you’re probably a little more on edge these days thinking about all of the scenarios that could go wrong while your teen is on the road. How did your child go from taking her first steps to driving a car so quickly!? Well, don’t worry. Just like you were there for her when she was learning how to walk, you can also be there for her now – even when you aren’t in the car with her.

Thanks to modern technology, your teens can contact you from almost anywhere at any time. If they ever have a question about the car or get into any trouble, they can pull over and call you… but what happens if you don’t get that call?

There could be a handful of reasons as to why they wouldn’t call you. Maybe their phones died, maybe they’re too scared to ask for help and don’t want to get in trouble, or maybe their service is just too spotty where they are.

Here are some plans that you can work out with your teens to make sure that they know how to react on the road, and if not, let them know that they can contact you without having to worry about you getting upset if they make a mistake.

1. Enroll your teen into a safe driver program.

The most important action to take before your teen can be trusted alone on the road is to enroll them into a safe driver program.

The Insurance Information Institute says to check if your insurance company offers a “safe driver” program. Teen participants in these programs sign contracts with their parents outlining the young driver’s responsibilities and the consequences of failure to meet those expectations—if your teenager completes the program, you may be eligible for a discount on your insurance.

In addition, insurance companies are helping to reduce the number of accidents involving teen drivers by subsidizing the cost of electronic devices, such as GPS systems and video cameras, which can monitor the way teens drive and alert parents of unsafe driving by email, text message or phone.

2. Get them a phone charger for their car. 

Teens are on their phones all day, so there’s no way that they are going to start their days with a dead battery… but what if their charger breaks in the middle of the night or they fall asleep and forget to plug in their phones?

Having a phone charger in your teen’s car will allow them to charge their phone during their drive to and from school. This way, you can always make sure that your teen’s phone will have battery, so if they do have service, they can contact you via cell phone.

Make sure to explain to your teen about the dangers of texting and driving, and if they need to contact you, ask them to pull over into a safe parking lot first.

3. Have them practice with you in the car.

Even after you’ve trusted your teen to drive alone, you should still take the opportunity to let them practice with you in the car whenever you can. If you two are driving to a restaurant for dinner, or even to the grocery store, ask your teen to drive in the car that they will be using regularly.

If you ever want to correct their driving, try to stay as calm as possible when telling them what they did wrong, and what they should do next time.

4. Be a good role model.

Your teens are watching you constantly, so you are setting an example for them in everything that you do. If you are driving recklessly, then your teens will think that it’s okay to do so because you’ve gotten this far driving like that.

Do your best to drive exactly how you want your teens to be driving – safely and responsibly.

5. Get a Scout GPS Tracker, and put it in your teen’s car. 

For the times when your teen’s cell phone service is not working, you will always be able to see their exact location on the Find My Scout app on your smartphone.

Not only does the Scout report real-time location, but it also reports the times your teen was at each location and how fast they were going from Point A to Point B.

With the Scout, you can also check your smartphone to make sure that your teen got to school safely, and that your teen is exactly where they say they are.

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