How You Can Help the Victims of Hurricane Harvey

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This hurricane is wasting no time washing out Houston and its surrounding areas. Families and pets are being torn apart and forced out of their homes. We can’t sit and watch another Katrina happen, so here’s how you can help Hurricane Harvey’s victims right now.

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1. MONETARY DONATIONS. Cash is king, and it is a lot more flexible than donated supplies.

Unlike material donations, cash involves no transportation costs, shipping delays, or customs fees. It also enables relief organizations to spend more time providing aid by spending less time managing goods.” -CIDI

But before you donate to just any charity, make sure that you do your proper research to confirm that the organization’s intentions are actually what they seem to be. Unfortunately, there are many phony charities that are only looking to make a profit.

Here are some reliable charities that are safe to donate to:

Global Giving: This is a crowdfunding charity that’s aiming to raise $2 million to be used exclusively for local relief and recovery efforts. You can donate here.

All Hands Volunteers: This charity currently has volunteers who are active in Texas, and it also has contact with emergency management officials about assisting in the response and recovery of this disaster. You can donate, or apply to volunteer here.

Houston Humane Society: This organization is taking in as many animals as it can provide for. Many families have been separated from their pets during the storm, so the shelter is overcrowded and desperately needs monetary donations for food, blankets, medical treatments, transportation, etc. You can donate here.

For a quick and easy donation, you can text the word “HARVEY” to 909-99 to donate $10 to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Harvey. It will immediately send you a text back asking you to confirm your donation, and all you have to do is text back “YES”.

2. VOLUNTEER. Giving your time to Texas shelters and organizations will truly make a difference. The American Red Cross in Texas has asked for volunteers, and The Salvation Army announced that it’s also in need of volunteers to hand out supplies and food at shelters. Check here for more information about how you can volunteer in your area.

Another great organization to check out is Portlight. This nonprofit is a disaster-response group that focuses on helping people with disabilities. One of its main goals is to help victims of the hurricane with evacuation, finding shelter, and any medical equipment needs that they might have during these hard times. For more information on how to get involved, click here.

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