Introduction to Scout

Have you ever lost sight of your child and felt your stomach drop to your feet? Have you frantically searched for them while furiously thinking of where you saw them last? With Scout, you’ll never again experience that. Scout has multiple features that help you keep your child safe. It will alert you, even from miles away, if your child leaves a safe zone or enters a prohibited space. And it can even alert you if your child wanders a little too far away from you. The features include:

Safe Zones– This feature allows you to create a safe zone and will alert you – even from miles away – when your loved one has exited the area you have set with your mobile app.

Alert Zones– This feature is the opposite of Safe Zones, and allows you to create a zone where you’ll be alerted if your loved one enters into an area you’ve deemed unfit or unsafe.

With Scout your worries can be immediately eliminated when you misplace an important object or lose sight of your loved one. Scout even has an alert buzzer that can help in multiple scenarios including, but not limited to:

Alerting the Scout user-The mobile app can send a trigger to the Scout, causing it to buzz and chime to alert the user.

Tracking in small areas– The buzzer can sound to allow the user to find their Scout even when the area is cluttered or hard to see through.

Discerning elevation– The mobile app cannot determine the elevation of the Scout, and with the alert feature the user can easily discover how far above or below them the Scout is.

Scout also has some options for the user even if there isn’t a GPS signal. Utilizing your Bluetooth, Scout can create a Safety Tether. This feature allows you to create an invisible tether with your child or pet, a distance of up to 200 feet, and alerts the device as well as your phone if the loved one exceeds the distance that you’ve set.

In the coming weeks I will be detailing Scout’s features in more detail, talking about it from the inside out and answering frequently asked questions! So make sure to visit our website for current updates, follow us on Twitter, and like our Facebook page! For any questions please contact me at

We know that you will love our Scout!