July is Pet Loss Prevention Month

Have you ever lost your dog? If you have, then you know the infinite feeling of worry and heartbreak that you have until your furry friend is returned safely home. If he hasn’t returned yet, then you’re still wondering if he’s out there.

July is Pet Loss Prevention Month, a month dedicated to raising awareness for one of the biggest problems that pet owners and families can have. According to the ASPCA, every year, around 8 million dogs and cats end up in shelters around the U.S., and a majority of those pets belong to families.

We wanted to give you some advice to make sure that you never have to lose your best friend.



Are your pets microchipped? It’s very important to make sure that they are because if they get lost and someone picks them up, that person will be able to bring your pet into a shelter or vet to scan the microchip. Your contact information will be provided once the microchip is scanned, and they will be able to to safely return your pet.


Get to Know Your Neighbors

In my neighborhood growing up, everyone knew each other based on the dog that they would walk every day.

“Oh, you’re Max’s dad!” and “Hey there! How’s Lucy doing?”

If you live in a neighborhood, it’s in your best interest to introduce yourself and your dog to as many neighbors as possible in case your dog ever gets out. Why? Your neighbors will more easily recognize your dog and they’ll be able to either call you or return your dog back to your home safely.


Keep Them Inside on Holidays

On holidays where your dog can easily get spooked from things like fireworks on the Fourth of July or scary monsters on Halloween, it is best to keep him locked up in a safe place inside your home. Foreign noises can be very scary and stressful for your dog, and he may want to escape to get as far away from them as possible, which may result in him getting lost.

Before you start celebrating, set up a nice room or crate area for your dog with his favorite blankets, toys, and maybe even a sound machine to help relax him and block out the outside noises. This way, you’ll have the security of knowing that he’s safe and sound while you’re out.


If Your Dog is Already Lost…

Contact all of the local shelters in your area and let them know what kind of dog you have lost. If a dog that fits your description comes into their care, they will contact you immediately.

You can also check Craigslist under the “pets” section to either post a “Lost Dog” ad or to check if there’s a “Found Dog” ad waiting for you.


Scout GPS Tracker

Track Your Dog by GPS & Bluetooth

With the Scout GPS & Bluetooth tracker, you can know where your dog is at all times based on his location in your Find My Scout smartphone app. Attach the Scout to your dog’s collar, and check on him whenever, wherever.

You can set specific zones, for example, the backyard, on a map in the app and get alerts whenever your dog leaves that zone right on your smartphone.

For more information, and to make sure your dog is never lost again, go to findmyscout.com.

Scout Zones