Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained at Home This Summer


Ah, summer… there’s nothing better than the warm sunshine, the cool pool days…and the “I’m bored!!” complaints every other hour. Wait, what!? Kids all over the country are counting down the days until Summer Vacation, and it’s closer than you may think.

Have no fear – here are some awesome activities to keep your little guys busy this summer:

Lemonade Stand – I’m sure you’ve had a lemonade stand as a kid before. You make a sign out of construction paper, pour some instant-lemonade powder into a big pitcher of water, and then you sit on the side of the road in front of your house and pray for some foot traffic. Lemonade stands are not only a great excuse to get out of the house for your kids, but they will also teach them a thing or two about sales and cash handling.

Pool Games – Going to the pool is an obvious fix to beat the summer heat and tire your kids out. You can switch it up by encouraging your kids to play games like Tag, Marco Polo, Scavenger Hunt, and Name That Tune (kids take turns singing and listening under water to then guess the song that was being sung).

Backyard Games – With today’s technology, chances are your kids spend the majority of their time inside playing video games or watching Netflix. I know what you’re thinking – do kids even play outside anymore? They definitely should. Teach your kids all of the fun games that you used to play in your backyard like Hide and Seek, Freeze Tag, Sidewalk Chalk, Hopscotch, and playing in the sprinklers. It’s very important that your kids get some sun and exercise during the summer.

iPads – Although these things are both a blessing and a curse, they sure can help you out when you need a “babysitter.” You shouldn’t always rely on technology to entertain your kids, but you can definitely use it to your advantage when you need it most. iPads are great for car rides, cleaning days and even when you’re in the waiting room for doctor appointments. Just because your kid is playing on an iPad doesn’t mean the experience can’t be educational. It’s a good idea to have a majority of the apps on your child’s iPad be educational games, like EduKidsRoom in the app store. You can also download educational movies/videos, drawing apps, child-friendly podcasts and even flashcards. Don’t want to buy an extra iPad for your kid? Here’s an article on how to childproof your iPad so that your child can use yours.125768783_HighRes-56a532a45f9b58b7d0db70ac

Adventure Together – Take your kids to a nearby state park or nature trail if you have the day off. Even though they might complain about leaving the house when you first present the idea to them, they will probably end up having a great time. Nature parks will teach your kid that there is more to life than television and arcade rooms. Maybe you guys will see wild animals, interesting trees and animal nests. However, it is easy to lose your kids in big nature parks. Make sure to keep a close eye on where your kids are at all times with Scout GPS Tracker. Put the Scout in your child’s pocket or on his belt loop, and track him from your smartphone at all times with the Scout app.

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