Tips for Packing/Planning For Your Motorcycle Trip


Are you eager to put some miles on your bike? Then it’s time to plan a road trip. Before you’re ready to take off, it’s important for you to pack all of the necessary items. We cover everything you need and how to fit it into one small bag.

Tips For Packing/Planning For Your Motorcycle Trip:

Dress To Ride

Any road trip is the perfect excuse for sweatpants and big t-shirts. Keep in mind, however, when taking a long trip on your bike, not only will you be dressing for comfort but most importantly, safety. Proper riding gear is necessary: riding pants, ankle boots, riding jacket and a full-faced helmet. The more protected you feel, the better you will ride.

Know Your Bike

If this is the first time you’re taking a road trip on your bike, you’ll want to get some practice. Straddling your bike for a long time can be exhausting, especially if you haven’t had a lot of experience. Take a mini trip to the nearest town or spend some time riding on the interstate. If you feel confident on your bike, your ride will be so much smoother.

Prepare For Weather

Is it just me or does every time you check the weather and it says “clear skies,” a random storm rolls in last minute? The best thing you can do in that situation is to stay prepared. Bring rain covers to protect your luggage, a rain coat to protect your riding gear, and most importantly, seek shelter if weather conditions worsen.

Pack Light

I think we can all agree packing light is the hardest part. Good thing there’s a variety of luggage made just for your bike. Limit your clothing but don’t go naked for goodness sake. Bringing disposable personal care items like travel-size plastic shampoo bottles can save a lot of space.

Know Your Route

This might seem a little obvious, but make sure that you have directions to where you’re headed. Search for places along the way to make sure that you’re familiar with your surroundings. Using a GPS is both quick and easy. If you’re not taking the scenic route, GPS puts you on the fastest route.

Avoid Rush Hour

Nothing is worse than being stuck in traffic, especially traveling through Florida. Humidity, sun and no air conditioning make for the worst conditions to be stuck in. Traveling at odd hours of the day will save you some time.

Tools And Spares

I suggest asking your mechanic what tools you should bring in case you hit a bump in the road and need a quick fix.

Take A Break, Or Two

Enjoy a little break; the trip’s just starting. On your way to your destination, take advantage of all the fun places you see along the way. Who knows, you might meet some interesting people who can tell you a little more about the route you’re on. Or pull off somewhere and have a stretch, sometimes it’s needed.


It’s hard enough to remember to drink eight glasses of water a day, let alone focusing on the road. With a backpack hydration system, you can drink  lots of water while you ride. It’s super convenient.

Most Importantly, Enjoy Yourself!

No trip goes the way you planned, so go with the flow, and always enjoy yourself.

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