6 Reasons Motorcycles Are Way Better Than Cars


The question remains: motorcycle or car? Although cars are more common and seem to be the practical answer, motorcycles actually offer greater benefits to those who ride them. If you’re looking to save money, attract attention and be in touch with nature, then you may consider trading in your four wheels for two.

Why Motorcycles Are Better Than Cars

1. Fuel Efficient: Motorcycles use 28% less fuel than cars. While a fuel-efficient car may get about 30 miles per gallon, most motorcycles get far more than that. Check out the best fuel-efficient motorcycles you can buy.

2. Safer: Car crashes due to distracted drivers has increased nearly 18% since 2013. The biggest concerns are talking on the phone and texting, answering emails and using social media. While riding a bike, it’s more than likely that you won’t be on the phone. With less protection, motorcyclists have an increased attention to the road and diminish distractions. With its acceleration and ease of maneuverability, riders are also able to avoid more accidents.

3. Available Parking: You never have to worry about beating traffic to find parking. Motorcycles can fit in smaller spaces making it much easier to park. Even if you go to the busiest of places, you’ll instantly find a spot for your bike. Some lots even have specific spaces in place just for motorcycles.

4. More in Touch With Nature: Riding on a bike allows you to be out in the open and get more fresh air. That’s better than being caged in a car and feeling nothing but the breeze of the air conditioning.

5. Closer To Your Passenger: Being that motorcycles are fast, if you take a hot babe on your bike they’ll be holding onto you extra tight. Next time, push on your brakes a little harder and that will nudge them closer to you.

6. Cheaper: Motorcycles cost less than cars. You can get your hands on a decent bike for under $8,000. They also retain their value better than cars which makes them easier to resell. You’ll find that you pay less for insurance, too.

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