6 Tips That Will Help Your Kid Never Forget Their Scout


How many times do you have to tell your kids to take out the trash or walk the dog (probably as often as you tell your partner) and it seems to never get done? If you’re reading this and thinking to yourself, “my kid always listens,” then you can stop reading now. For your significant other, well that’s another story. Come back to read our next article on 10 Ways To Get Your Partner to Listen.

No matter how many times you tell your kid to do something, chances are, you might have to tell them one more time… and once more after that. The truth is, we’re all forgetful at times. When you purchase Scout, it’s only a useful device if your kid remembers to take it wherever they go.

What good would it do if you press to locate midmorning and you’re stunned to find Scout sitting in your living room? Immediately you rush home thinking Freddy skipped school. You bust through the door and find Scout is where you last left it: right on the couch where you sat it as you reminded him not to forget it. Now you’re late for your next meeting. Meanwhile, Freddy’s sitting in math class solving equations.

To avoid finding yourself in a situation like the one above, here are some tips on how to make sure your kid never forgets to bring their Scout with them when they leave the house.

How to Make Sure Your Kids Don’t Forget Their Scout-

Strap to Shoelaces: Kids never leave without their shoes. Each morning using the Velcro straps on the Scout, attach the device to your kids’ shoe laces. As soon as they go to tie their shoes, BOOM it’s right there and they can move it to their backpack.

Hook to Belts: Again, using the Velcro straps you can easily attach Scout anywhere on your kid’s belt. As they dress, all that’s left to do is buckle their belt and Scout will be right there. Just like that, you know they won’t forget it.

Fit in Pockets: Scout is small enough that you can stick it right into your kid’s pocket. As they’re rushing out the door, just slip it in and now you won’t lose sight of them.

Strap to Backpacks: With the Velcro attachment you can easily attach Scout to your kid’s bag, whether it’s on the inside or outside it works great. *This is one of my favorite tips, both easy and reliable.

Fit into a Lunch Box: With Scout’s small dimensions, it makes it easy to put almost anywhere. It can fit right inside your kid’s lunch box as they head off to school. Good thing it’s water resistant and durable, a spill or tumble won’t damage it.

Follow a Daily Routine: Daily routine charts are great for kids. After they get dressed or eat breakfast, make a note to check that they didn’t forget their Scout.

Post-it Notes: If the routine doesn’t work, leave a couple of notes behind for an extra reminder. Some good places are the bathroom mirror, the refrigerator door or on the front door so it will be the last thing they see as they walk out.

Scout is dedicated to protecting your children. A smart & mighty GPS & Bluetooth Tracker that provides real-time location so you never lose sight of the ones you love. Click here to learn more about our products.