The Guide for the Perfect Father’s Day Gifts

Father's Day

Father’s Day is approaching, and your dad is eagerly waiting to find a brand new Red Corvette sitting in the driveway. Sorry Dad, not this year. Though socks and a fishing tackle box may not be as grand as a Corvette, we can assure you that he’ll be happy (if you take the time to read this) that you put some thought into a great gift for him. We give you the guide to the perfect Father’s Day gifts for dads of all types. From dapper to outdoorsy dads, we’ve got you covered.

Father’s Day Gifts for…

The Dapper Dad

Stylish Dress Socks

Father's Day

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Whether your dad’s working at the office or relaxing at home, he can do it in style with colorful socks. This is a gift that your dad can use every day and be reminded of his sweet child who bought him the most awesome socks he’s ever owned. Just like shoes, you can never have too many pairs of socks.



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Fathers are dependable and handy. What better than a gift that they can depend on and will come in handy? A watch is a great gift for those dads who like to shine with a little accessory, yet make it to all of your soccer games on time. He won’t be disappointed with this gift.  Click here to see a list of watches your dad will love.


The Sports Dad

Favorite Sports Jersey


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If your dad likes to shout at the T.V. every Sunday, you can’t go wrong with getting his favorite team jersey. With football season right around the corner, Father’s Day is the perfect time to get him in the spirit. Start the celebration early with his new threads.

Tickets to A Sports Game

Your dad shouting at the T.V. is bound to drive your mom crazy. What better gift than to let him do it live and in person. The worst that might happen is getting ejected from the stadium for causing too much commotion, but that would be an experience you two can share for a lifetime. Plus, you’ll get to chow down on delicious stadium dogs.


The Outdoorsy Dad

Scout GPS Tracker


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For the active dads, Scout can keep them safe, allow them to spend more time adventuring and less time calling to check in at every stop. Mom will find this useful, too. Scout attaches to belt loops, backpacks or shoes and can be tracked using an iPhone or Android. As long as your dad has his Scout charged and working, you’ll be able to receive updates of his location at any time. It will give you peace of mind to see he’s safe adventuring on his own. This is a Father’s Day gift the whole family can enjoy.

Tackle Box


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No man is happier than when he’s out doing what he loves, and no one is happier knowing their things are organized and easy to grab on the go. With a tackle box, your dad can keep all of his fishing supplies in order. If you really want to make his Father’s Day special, check out the 10 Basics every man should have in his fishing tackle box and fill it with these.


The Classic Dad

Whiskey Glasses


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Father’s Day is all about appreciating your dad and showing him how thankful you are for all he does. What better way to show your appreciation than a new set of whiskey glasses? Don’t look at it as enabling his drinking habits, rather, you might be lucky enough if he lets you pour a glass of your own. Cheers to that!

Grill Masters Cookbook


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What dad doesn’t love to grill? Your dad can keep busy trying new recipes all year long. Guess what? You’ll probably be assigned “taste tester.” That’s a win-win situation. Plus, it’s a good activity to join in and spend good quality time together.

Happy Father’s Day!

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