Pet Safety Tips for All Year Long

Each new season comes with more obstacles for you to jump over to keep your pets safe. Halloween candy, breakable Christmas ornaments, spring cleaning chemicals!? Animals can be very curious about new smells and items in the house, which could possibly end in a serious injury or sickness. Here are some tips on how you can protect your pets from getting hurt during the seasons.

Now that it’s October, and we’ve officially transitioned into the fall, let’s start there.


Halloween time can cause a lot of trouble for pets for two reasons:

  1. They can get spooked by all of the people outside, escape from the yard, then run away and get lost.
    • To avoid this, you can put a Scout GPS Tracker on their collars. The Scout will alert your smartphone if your pet leaves the zone that you can set up around your property.
    • You can also put your pet in a secure room with comfy pillows and blankets. This will create a safe space for your pet, and he will be able to relax easier.
  2. Halloween candy can make your pet very sick if he gets into it.
    • Chocolate, specifically, is poisonous for dogs.
    • Store the candy on a high shelf in your kitchen, and teach your kids to keep it far away from the animals.

Right after Halloween is Thanksgiving, and unless your family is vegetarian, there will probably be turkey bones lying around. Do not feed your pet any sort of bones – they can splinter.


Now it’s time to break out all of the Christmas decorations, warm clothes and treats. Remember to do the following:

  • Keep your pets warm if they don’t have thick fur coats.
    • You can do this by leaving them inside and putting jackets and booties on them when they leave the house.
  • Supervise your pets around holiday decorations – especially tinsel and breakable ornaments.
  • Remember that antifreeze is poison.
  • Keep the candy and cookies away from your pets. Try your best to avoid table scraps at all costs.


Spring has sprung, and so have all kinds of new plants in your yard.

  • Watch your pet closely for signs of allergies.
    • Look for skin scratching and ear irritation.
  • Figure out which plants in your yard are poisonous.
    • These plants can make your pet very sick if eaten.
    • These plants can also leave rashes on your pet’s skin.
  • Keep the spring cleaning chemicals out of reach from your animal.
    • This is very important. Maybe keep your pets in their crates or outside while you’re cleaning the house. New chemicals and smells can be very tempting for your animal to sniff or lick.


Summer can be the most deadly of seasons if you’re not careful – especially if you live in a state that can get very hot like Florida.

  • Protect paws on hot surfaces.
  • Keep pets hydrated.
    • Make sure they always have access to cold, clean water.
  • Don’t leave pets in hot cars – EVER.
  • Some pets can get a sunburn if their coat isn’t thick enough.
    • Try to keep your pets out of the sun as much as possible.


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