How to Prepare for Doggie Daycare

Packing and planning for vacation can always be so exciting. You’ve got all of your favorite outfits picked out, your snacks are prepared for the travel time, and you can’t wait to get out the door but there’s just one thing that is bumming you out… you have to leave your dog.

Kennel boarding your dog can be pretty scary when you go on vacation, especially if it’s Sparky’s first time being away from you for more than a few days. Here are some tips to make sure that your dog will be happy and well taken care of while you’re away.

Make sure your dog is well socialized. 

If your dog hasn’t been around many other dogs before, he may not know how to act when he’s dropped off at the kennel and surrounded by unfamiliar dogs. He could get nervous and snap at the dogs.

To avoid this, you can prepare your dog ahead of time by bringing him to places where there are a lot of other dogs like dog parks or other dog-friendly areas. Watch him closely and see how he reacts to other dogs. If he seems happy and playful, then great! If he seems timid and stressed out, work with him patiently and let him know that he’s safe around the other dogs until he seems to be comfortable again.



Take your dog to the kennel ahead of time to introduce him to the employees who will be taking care of him while you’re away. Let the employees pet him and give him treats so that he will see some familiar faces and it won’t be so scary when you leave him to go on vacation.



To make sure that your dog feels safe and comfortable while he’s staying at the kennel, make sure to not only pack his favorite food and treats, but also throw in a blanket that he usually sleeps with and his signature toy. If Sparky has familiar items from home in his cage, then he will probably feel more relaxed.

If your dog needs a specific medicine or is on a strange feeding schedule that was assigned by your vet, make sure to print out a document with instructions so that the kennel employees can do their best to keep your dog on the desired schedule.


While You’re Gone

Some kennels have a live-feed cam on their website so that you can see your dog in the common play area from your computer. If your kennel doesn’t offer that service, I’m sure you could call to ask how your dog is doing if you’re nervous about him adapting to the environment.

Try not to bother the kennel too much. Enjoy your vacation! If anything goes terribly wrong, you will definitely get a phone call.


Pick Up

When your pick your dog up, he will be very excited to see you. Take him home and get him back into your usual routine.