How To Prevent Your Kids From Getting Lost


Have you seen the adorable videos of parents surprising their children with a trip to Disney? (check out the video below). As summer approaches you likely have plans to travel. And a busy place like Disney might be on your list. What’s a trip to theme parks without swarms of people, long lines, overpriced food and the fear of your kid getting lost?

You can also expect to see lots of exhausted parents being pulled by children strapped to toddler leashes. I mean who’s really walking who? One thing  for sure though, that kid isn’t going anywhere. Seems to be the easiest solution to preventing kids from running off and getting lost, huh?

Did you know that American children get lost nearly 2,000 times a day in public places (beaches, amusement parks, fairs and airports)? Which are all the hot spots of summer break. More crowds of people; more chance of a lost kid.

But that doesn’t mean you have to trap them in the house or worry about them every second you’re in a crowded venue. So how do you avoid the toddler leash all while feeling confident that you won’t lose sight of your child?

Here are some ways to prevent your kid from getting lost:

Bring an Extra Set of Eyes.

Wow, what a difference this can make! Just promise your friend you’ll treat them to a nice dinner if they do this one favor for you. Or I suggest hiring a nanny for the day. If you have more than one child, keeping an eye on them all alone can be so overwhelming. Why not take the extra help and make the best of your busy day?

Talk to Your Kids.

Have you ever tried talking to your young kids about important issues? Most likely it resulted in them twiddling their thumbs becoming easily distracted. Everything you said went in one ear and out the other. Don’t give up now. Sitting your kids down and addressing serious topics is important. Use a listening game. And offer a reward at the end. All you have to do is attract their attention, or bribe them the “right way” and they’ll start to listen.

Meeting Place.

Agreeing on one location to meet if little Susie wanders off or gets lost can save you a lot of time and worrying. Think of a location that will be easy for your kids to find. Maybe a place they love going like the arcade at the theme park, the front entrance or a specific shop they won’t forget. My parents always knew to look for me in the sweet shop…still till this day. I’m a chocolate fanatic.

Info Tags.

No they’re not dog tags. I mean yes, you actually can get kids dog tags. But the point is as long as they have an ID card on them someone will be able to easily identify them and contact you as soon as possible.

BOLD Matching Outfits.

Every family needs that embarrassing family photo and what better way to find an excuse for it than wearing brightly colored shirts to an amusement park. You’ll easily spot each other in the crowd. Literally, no one will miss you. Also, if you do happen to misplace your child you’ll know exactly what they have on. Look down, you’re wearing it too. Or perhaps pull out that embarrassing snapshot and use it to identify them.

Tracking Devices, They Really Work

You can forget all the suggestions above and make your life even easier by sticking a GPS tracker straight to your child. Easily slip it in their pants pocket or zip-tie it to their belt buckle. With one simple click of a locate button, you’ll know right where they are.

The Best Surprise Trip To Disney!

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