Scout Stories: Radio-Controlled Airplanes

Craig has been flying radio-controlled airplanes for 15 years. It all started when he bought a cheap toy RC airplane from Toys-R-Us as a Christmas present for his kids. Little did he know that it would develop into a lifelong hobby.

“As soon as I flew it, I was hooked, and so were they,” he said. Soon after that, he said he purchased six better planes for himself and his five boys to fly together. It was the only activity that all of his boys, ages ranging from 10 to 25, could enjoy together.

Over the past 15 years, Craig has had around “a dozen or more” different planes, until he eventually settled on the HobbyZone Aerobird Extreme.

It “flew like a bomber, slow and methodical… up as high as it would go until the battery died, and it would slowly glide down.” He said that it became his daily therapy for years to lay on his back, fly his plane, and watch it glide across the blue sky and clouds. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and that plane was no exception. It eventually wore out and could no longer fly.

He tried to replace the plane with some “huge 8 1/2 foot motorized gliders,” but they just weren’t the same. They caused too much trouble and weren’t as relaxing as the “old Big Bird.” He said that every time he’s crashed a plane,  he’s tried to give up his hobby, “but I guess I’m addicted to it, so I keep buying new ones hoping I’ve fixed the problem and can finally have relaxing flights.”

Eventually, Craig purchased a new plane and decided that he wasn’t going to lose it if it decided to fly away. He did some research on GPS trackers and started out with a cheap one from China. He wasn’t that surprised to find that it didn’t work properly.

“My research indicated that the Scout was the smallest, lightest, and cheapest available and worked well with a smartphone app, so I bought one and installed it in my big plane. I was sure glad I did,” he said.

He said he was using an extremely old remote control for his new plane that ended up having a defect which caused him to suddenly lose control of the plane; the plane took off and flew far away, which you can see in the video below at 4:52.  At 6:40, you can see Craig and his family checking his FindMyScout app on his smartphone to track the plane’s exact location. Watch the video to see what happens next.

Even after the first two violent crashes that destroyed the planes completely, the Scout was still broadcasting its location, and he was very impressed, he said. For more information on the Scout GPS & Bluetooth tracker, go to

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