Safety Tips That Might Just Save Your Child’s Life

The worst part about parenting is the constant worry of danger that can happen to your favorite people on Earth, your kids. That’s why it’s important to educate your children on what to do when they are alone in scary situations. Here’s a list of instructions to give to your child in case they are ever in these dangerous scenarios.

1. “If someone is ever following you in a car, turn around and run in the opposite direction.”

This may sound confusing because we are saying that your child should run at the car. As long as your child keeps a safe distance away from the car when running towards it and beyond, the driver will be delayed in his chase because he’ll have to take the time to turn his car around. This will give your child some extra time to plan their escape.

2. “If a stranger tries to take you, forget all of your manners.”

Let your child know that in this instance, it is appropriate for them to kick, scream, bite and make a scene.

3. “If you’re ever lost, find another mommy with kids and ask her for help.”

We’ve always been told as kids to find a policeman or a shop clerk. However, these people may not always be around in every situation. More often, there will most likely be a mother with children around who is willing to help your lost child.

4. “Always wear your Scout.”

The Scout GPS Tracker will allow you to always know where your child is when you track them with the Find My Scout smartphone app. If you two ever get separated in a public area, you will be able to find them in seconds.

Scout GPS Tracker

5. “If someone ever tells you to keep a secret involving body parts, tell Mom or Dad immediately.”

Sexual abuse is extremely common and can be performed by adults who you think you can trust (babysitters, teachers, family friends, family members). Nearly 70% of all reported sexual assaults occur to children ages 17 and under (Snyder). Teach your child that it’s okay to talk to you about anything or anyone that makes them uncomfortable.

6. “It’s okay to say ‘no’ to adults.”

This is probably something you haven’t thought about because saying “no” can usually seem disrespectful to adults. However, it’s important that your child knows that they have a right to say no in certain situations that make them uncomfortable.

7. “Never go anywhere with someone you don’t know, even if they offer you candy or a present.”

Bribing children is the oldest trick in the book. Maybe tell your child that if they ever get offered candy from a stranger, they should say no and tell you right away, and then you will reward them with candy of their choice for following directions.

8. “Don’t get into cars or houses of neighbors that you don’t know very well unless Mom or Dad tell you personally that it’s okay.”

Your child may be in a situation where their neighbor friend invites them over after playing outside at the neighborhood park for a while. If you don’t know the friend’s parents very well, you should teach your child to not go anywhere without permission.

When letting your child go out into your neighborhood to play, tell them to bring their Scout so that you can make sure they are where they say they will be.


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