Scout GPS Tracker for Kids, Pets and… Marathons?

Earlier this year, on a typical afternoon in the Scout office, our marketing director, James, made a bet with our director of partnerships, Andrea. If Andrea, who is a vegetarian, finished a half marathon, James would cut meat out of his diet for one week. If she didn’t finish the race, she would have to eat a burger. Confident in her abilities, she agreed to the silly challenge.

Andrea trained for four months leading up to the Chicago Spring Half Marathon & 10k in May, which would be her first half marathon, even though she had previously participated in shorter runs. There was no way that she was going to eat a burger, so she took her training very seriously.

Since she was running for a few hours at a time during her long practice sessions, she packed her Scout in her running belt so that her mom could check in on her at any time from the Find My Scout app and gain some peace of mind knowing that she was okay.

Finally, the day came, and she traveled to the windy city of Chicago. She was prepared in all departments, including the perfect running fashion – a custom Dri-FIT shirt that said “Run Now, Pizza Later,” complete with the Scout logo on the back.

With Andrea’s lightweight Scout secured inside of her running belt, her mom was able to follow her along on the Find My Scout mobile app as Andrea disappeared from plain sight into the sea of runners. The whole Scout team, as well as her friends from home, were also following along from Florida as her Scout moved across the Chicago map in real-time.

To keep her motivated during her windy run, she listened to a playlist that she created beforehand that consisted of “pump-up music” artists including Drake, Ozuna, and Paramore.

“Of course Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ was also part of it,” she said confidently.

Two hours, thirty-seven minutes and forty-six seconds later, Andrea triumphantly crossed the finish line after a lengthy 13.1 miles up the coast of Chicago.

“I was not prepared for the unexpected and brutally cold weather,” Andrea said. “Nevertheless, the running was great and when I finished, it felt amazing! It was so rewarding to be able to run across that finish line and see all my hard work pay off.”

To celebrate her new accomplishment, she rewarded herself with a well-deserved nap and later indulged in a large deep-dish Chicago pizza and Goose Island beer.

“It was so impressive to see how far I ran and how Scout was able to record my entire route,” Andrea said.

During her time in Chicago, Andrea was actively posting to the Scout Instagram account’s Instagram Story. It’s still on our profile under “Andrea’s Run.” You can check it out and follow us on Instagram to stay updated with future events like this one.

It has now been three and a half weeks since Andrea’s grand return. James followed through on the bet, and he followed a vegetarian diet for the following week. Surprisingly enough, he noticed some positive changes in his body and felt healthier than he did when he was eating meat, so he gave it another week.

James ate half a hamburger at the end of that second week, and he couldn’t keep it down. He has now adopted a pescatarian diet.

Andrea has taken a break from running, but she plans to participate in the Army Ten-Miler in October and then possibly also the full marathon in Miami January 2019.