Why Scout Works Great For Your Teen Driver


The best part about turning 16 is taking your driving test… yeah right. The best part comes after that: getting your license and becoming a teen driver. You no longer have to wait for your mom to rush you to Krispy Kreme in time for the hot sign. Can anyone else relate? Or was that just me?

What’s considered to be one of the most exciting times in a teen’s life can also be one of the most terrifying times as a parent. The second teens get behind the steering wheel, they’re responsible for a lot more than they may think. Before your teen takes off, make sure you cover the safety tips for responsible driving with them.

Once you’ve gone over the basics, you’re going to hand them the keys and hope they remember everything you covered. If you’re having a hard time knowing that your teen will be on the road alone, that’s where Scout comes in handy.

The Parental Benefits of Scout If You Have A Teen Driver-

Real-time Tracking: With a built-in A-GPS chip, Scout offers precise real-time location tracking straight to your smartphone. This feature is great for when you want an update on your teen’s location. Without calling and distracting them, you’ll know right where they are. As long as your teen is in range of a cell tower, you can count on reliable location updates.

History Reports:

Tracking history

As soon as your teen is on the move, Scout can trace back to its previously tracked locations. If you need to know where they were the day before, you got it all on your smart phone, as long as they had their Scout with them.

Know How Fast They’re Driving: With the history reports feature, you can also access related information such as, date and time, speed and more all via the Scout app. Did you know speeding is one of the top deadly mistakes by teen drivers? Knowing if your teen is speeding and having the ability to caution them could be life saving.

Custom Alert Zones:

Scout Zones

You can also create and save custom Alert Zones. You’ll know when your teen made it safely to school, the mall or even their friend’s house. As soon as they enter or exit a zone, you’ll receive notifications straight to your phone.

Share With Friends and Family: Have more than one teen driving? With the app, you can scan and track multiple Scouts on one device, or track one Scout using multiples devices. If your partner, grandparents or any other family members want to know they’re safe, they can keep an eye on the driver from anywhere in the world.

Discount on Teen Car Insurance: Not only will you be keeping your teen safe and protecting your vehicle from car theft, but you could also be saving on car insurance. Some states will offer anti-theft device discounts. Check with your car insurance representative and see how much you can save.

Scout is dedicated to protecting your children. A smart & mighty GPS & Bluetooth Tracker that provides real-time location so you never lose sight of the ones you love. Click here to learn more about our products.