Scout Stories: Drone Fishing

Vishal is a fisherman based in sunny Florida. He uses his drone to fly over the Atlantic to search for sargassum, because he knows that where there’s sargassum, there’s mahi-mahi.

He claims that using a drone to find the fish instead of driving around on a boat (and burning gas at two miles a gallon) to find them is the key to a successful fishing trip. This makes sense, considering the crazy amount of ocean one would have to cover when fishing in the Atlantic!

“Using the drone to find the sargassum weed line saves time, effort, money, and increases the odds of mahi,” Vishal said.

One day, he was flying his drone on autonomous flight mode outside of its controller’s range, and it never returned, he said. The chances of him finding his lost drone were slim, but fortunately, he was able to find it in someone’s backyard. This is when he decided that he needed a backup plan.

He did some research, and after reading some reviews on Amazon, he found that the Scout GPS & Bluetooth Tracker was the best option for him. He now uses his Scouts to protect his gear, and they help make sure that he has uninterrupted fun when he’s out on the water.

The Scout has provided him with a “worry-free lifestyle,” he said.

He flies his Parrot Disco Fixed Wing Drone over the North Atlantic Ocean and uses the camera on it to figure out where the fish are circulating. As shown in the photo below, the Scout is simply placed next to the battery on the inside of the drone. If the drone ever gets too far away from the controller and loses signal/battery, the drone can crash. Thanks to the Scout, Vishal will be able to track the drone’s exact location using the Find My Scout app on his smartphone.

He said he also uses the Scout GPS Tracker to keep track of some of his other outdoor recreational gear like his kayak. He feels safe leaving it alone on the beach, boat ramp, or any other public area because of the extra security that Scout provides him with.

“If a friend capsizes it, and it floats out to sea, I can track where it gets washed up,” Vishal said.

His kayak has a Scout hidden on it, so if it ever gets stolen, he will not only be able to find its exact location immediately, but he will also know as soon as someone bumps it.


Vishal uses the Scout for motorcycles on his kayak because the unit has vibration sensing. If anyone touches or tries to move his boat, he will get an alert notification on his phone right away.



If you’re looking for the peace of mind that Vishal has found, go to to get your Scout today.

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