Scout Success Story: Banjo

A few months ago, my boyfriend, Hunter, and I were on our way home to Gainesville, FL from Atlanta, GA. We had our dog, Banjo, with us in the car, and he was very well-behaved the whole car ride. I would have never guessed that I almost lost my dog forever that day.

We made our second pit stop at a gas station to fill up our tank and empty our bladders – including Banjo’s. Hunter went inside to use the restroom first, so I stayed with Banjo and walked him around a grassy area.

Banjo finished up, and we walked back to the car to wait for Hunter. My first intention was to get inside the car and wait, but I figured that Banjo would appreciate some more time in the fresh air. I decided to wait outside the car with Banjo, and I told him to sit down and stay.

Not even a minute later, a motorcycle engine started revving, and Banjo became very alarmed. He sprinted toward a large, wooded area that was bordered by a busy road and another parking lot with a lot of cars. He was too fast and strong for me to react before his leash flew out of my hands.

“BANJO!” I yelled his name and ran after the blur that was my terrified dog. My biggest fear was that he was going to run the wrong direction and get hit by a car. I ran into the woods and had no clue where he could have gone.

I was in complete shock. He had never run away from me before, and I had never been in a situation even close to this, so I had no clue how to react.

Luckily, I remembered that Banjo had a Scout on his collar. I ran back to the car and grabbed my phone. I was able to track his exact location from the Find My Scout app. I could see that he was hiding in one spot because his Scout wasn’t moving on my GPS map.

Hunter came out and saw me walking towards the woods. Confused, he followed me and asked me where our dog was. I didn’t have time to explain and continued walking to Banjo’s location on my map. He eventually caught on after putting the pieces together of Banjo missing and myself in distress.

“There!” Hunter had spotted his blue collar in a dead, brown bush that was roughly the same color as Banjo. We did our best to calm him down and tell him how good of a boy he was so that he would feel safe and not try to run any further.

Once we grabbed a hold of his leash, we began to lead Banjo back to our car. Shaking and paranoid, he kept looking over his shoulder every few steps. We wasted no time getting him into the backseat of our car because he was still quite skittish and could escape if he felt like he needed to.

Relieved and stressed, we drove home in silence. I’ve never lost a dog before, and I’m not sure what I would have done if we hadn’t found Banjo. The immediate heartache and panic that you feel when you think you’ve lost your dog is soul-crushing, and everyone should do whatever they can to avoid this feeling.

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