Why Scout Works Great for Dogs and Other Pets


There are two types of dogs: those who listen when you call their name and those who decide after three years they no longer answer to Rufus. So it seems that’s the case when you’re yelling “RUUUFFFFUS” and he doesn’t come your way. You swore that was the last time you let him off the leash, then came Scout.

Find out how Scout can save you from running aimlessly around the neighborhood to later realizing Rufus was on your front porch all along.

Benefits of having Scout for dogs and other pets-

No Leash, No Worries: Dog “walking” just got a lot easier. If your dog is anything like mine, dragging you through bushes just to find the perfect “spot.” With Scout, you no longer have to hop through lawns. Your dog can do his business off on his own. As soon as he’s done you can track back to his location.

Freedom to Play: Need a fence around your yard? Try an invisible fence. Your dog’s backyard just got a whole lot bigger. Scout’s “Safety Tether” feature helps you keep your dog safely near you while giving them freedom to play. Just enable “Safety Tether,” choose a distance, and an immediate warning will be sent if Scout goes past the end of the tether.

Water Resistant & Durable: If your dog likes to get down and dirty, Scout was built for them. It can endure most indoor/outdoor splashes and is designed to keep working after a day at the beach. Scout is impact resistant and designed to withstand most hits and drops.

Zone Alerts: Create and save custom zones anywhere to specify areas where you want/don’t want your Scout to be. Receive immediate notifications and watch your pet moving in real-time on the map. We suggest creating one around your house and neighborhood. If Rufus is a master-escape artist, next time you’ll know exactly where he is. Track his speed and direction, too, using our app.

Share With Family and Friends: Share your Scout’s location information, notification settings, and assign levels of access for multiple devices and accounts: friends, family, even your vet.

Scout is dedicated to protecting your pets. A smart & mighty GPS & Bluetooth Tracker that provides real-time location so you never lose sight of the ones you love. Click here to learn more about our products.