Scout GPS Tracker for Kids, Pets and… Marathons?

Earlier this year, on a typical afternoon in the Scout office, our marketing director, James, made a bet with our director of partnerships, Andrea. If Andrea, who is a vegetarian, finished a half marathon, James would cut meat out of his diet for one week. If she didn’t finish the race, she would have to eat a burger. Confident in her abilities, she agreed to the silly challenge.

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Why You Need a Fleet Management System

What is a fleet management system and why do I need one?

If you’d consider yourself a fleet manager, or want to get into the business, but you don’t have any way to track your vehicles through GPS, then you’re in the right place.

A fleet management system is made up of GPS-tracking devices installed in your vehicles so that you can track your drivers or rentals and receive their real-time locations through a software accessed from your mobile phone or desktop computer. Using the system will help keep your company organized and efficient, and it will also protect your fleet from theft.

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A look inside SCOUT!


Now that we’ve talked a little bit about what Scout can do, let’s talk about how it can do it. Glenn Zelniker, Ph.D. and the CTO of BluAzu, the company that created Scout, has said that, “Scout’s antenna technology is so powerful it works in most indoor environments, as well as outdoors, and under clothing. It’s designed to keep working after a day at the beach or the occasional puddle party.” The built in GPS and GPS-A utilizes cell towers and server-generated data to estimate the Scout’s position and ensure fast start-up when GPS signal is weak. This means that as long as there is cell phone coverage, Scout’s working. The usage of the GPS antenna will determine the amount of life your Scout will have, but on average we expect a Scout unit to last 3 days off of one full charge.

Scout is rugged and impact resistant, allowing the user to utilize it in their everyday without having to worry about the device being on their person. Everyone has an off day where they drop what’s in their hands or spills their drink onto their devices. The inventors of Scout understood that accidents happen, and the device should be able to withstand the brunt of everyday use.

The water resistance in the device comes from three things:

1. Ultrasonic welding used to seal the upper and lower housings

2. Rubber perimeter overmold that seals the welding seam

3. Rubber plug that covers USB charging port.
This gives Scout a waterproof level of IP65, or in common words, dust tight and water jet levels protected. You should be able to have water projected by a 6.3mm nozzle against Scout from any direction and have no harmful effects on the interior hardware.

Scout is perfectly safe for children, adults, and pets to wear. With growing concern over the effects of exposure to electromagnetic energy on the human body, we consulted with leading experts on SAR (specific absorption rate) and determined that Scout is far below the ranges at which SAR product safety is even investigated.

Next time I will be going into more detail about our antennas and discussing how Scout utilizes cell phone towers to give you the fastest and up to date GPS location.

We know that you will love our Scout!