Top 7 Uses for Scout GPS Tracker

We are inspired everyday by how people are using our Scout technology to keep track of what matters most to them. From tracking lost pets to stolen motorcycles, the Scout GPS tracker is providing people with peace of mind all across the globe.

We’ve summarized the top seven use cases for Scout below.  Whether you are a pet owner, a parent, the owner of a classic motorcycle, or managing a fleet of heavy machinery, Scout is sure to offer you safety and security in today’s complex world.

While the use cases above are the most common that we see, the benefit of owning a Scout does not stop there. We have also seen our customers use Scout for some not-so-common applications. A few of our favorites are below:

  1. Locating a weather balloon. A university in the south east used Scout to track a weather balloon as it made its journey 80,000 feet into the air. They were able to recover their balloon over 400 miles from its original launch point.
  2. Tracking autonomous lawn-mowers. The owner of a lawn company was able to get alerts when his autonomous lawnmowers left their charging station, arrived at their target destination, and returned to the charging station.

How are you using your Scout? Tell us about it. We would love to hear from you!