States with the Highest and Lowest Unsolved Missing Children’s Cases


As connected as we all are today, it’s hard to believe that people still go missing without a trace of evidence left behind. And it’s hard to believe that there are still so many unsolved cases.

According to the FBI, an estimate of about 800,000 children go missing nationwide each year. Fortunately, most cases are resolved within the first few hours.

In the event of a missing child, acting quickly is crucial. Seventy-four percent of abducted children who are ultimately murdered are found to be dead just three hours after missing. One missing child, is one too many. If you haven’t already, check out our blog on educating your kids to prevent child abduction. 

Most children reported missing are either lost or considered runaways and may be found in other states. Finding them safely and reuniting them with their family is most important.

These states have the highest number of unsolved missing children’s cases:

10) Maryland: 119

9) Illinois: 130

8) Pennsylvania: 133

7) Arizona: 142

6) Ohio: 167

5) New York: 211

4) Virginia: 364

3) Texas: 373

2) Florida: 398

1) California: 659

And these states have the lowest number of unsolved missing children’s cases:

10) Wyoming: 9

9) Iowa: 9

8) Montana: 7

7) Vermont: 6

6) Maine: 6

5) North Dakota: 6

4) District of Columbia: 5

3) West Virginia: 3

2) South Dakota: 2

1) Rhode Island: 1

Since 1983, May 25 has been named National Missing Children’s Day, a day to honor all heroic efforts of agencies, organizations, and individuals who work so hard to protect children. Missing Children’s Day is a day to strongly encourage anyone who has a child of their own or for those who care for children to protect them and keep them safe.

For all children who are still missing, this day is in place to remind us how important it is to continue efforts of reuniting those children with their families and to put focus on those unsolved cases. According to NCMEC, even after decades of searching for a missing child, families remain hopeful that one day they will reunite.

NOTE- If your child or someone you know goes missing, immediately notify your local law enforcement agency.

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