These 10 Roads Are Made for Motorcycle Riding


Tired of driving down the same old straight road? With twists and turns, you’ll feel a rush of excitement. Get ready to enjoy the scenery with the perfect stretch of smooth tarmac. These roads will take you through some of the the most beautiful places nature has to offer.

Before you set out for a trip down one of these roads, make sure you read our article on what to pack for your motorcycle trip. Here are 10 of the best roads across America. Beware, you might want to ride these over and over again.

Visit these roads on your next motorcycle trip-

1. Route 50, The George Washington Highway, West Virginia



It doesn’t get much better than having twists, turns, mountains, rivers and beautiful scenery all on one ride. The George Washington Highway takes you on a 180 degree turn with other right turns leading you past a funky gift shop. Offering rusty old knickknacks, it’s worth making a stop. What’s great is once you complete the 54-mile long highway, you’re not too far from a few other great mountain runs (Skyline Drive and The Blue Ridge Parkway).

2. Needles Highway, Black Hills, South Dakota



You might want to spend extra time on this road. The surrounding scenery is breathtaking. Fun fact, it’s one of the many roads you can ride all the way to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, which takes place in August. The highway was named after all the high granite “needles” you see. Fond of tunnels? Go through two tunnels blasted through granite walls (Iron Creek Tunnel and Needles Eye Tunnel).

3. Tail of The Dragon, Deal’s Gap, North Carolina



Do you like a real challenge? How about 318 curves in 11 miles. Not just any curve, throw in sharp turns and steep drop-offs. You can expect to share the road with more bikers than cars. This isn’t an ideal road for beginners either. Even though it’s a challenge, you can take in the beauty of the Smoky Mountains covered in evergreen and the lush forests.

4. Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia

blue ridge


Take a ride through the Virginia countryside and end your trip overlooking one of the most beautiful Smokey Mountain views of North Carolina. With several sites to stop and see, this drive makes for the perfect all-day adventure. Gentle curves and speeds at 45 mph allow you to take it slow and enjoy the surrounding scenery.

5. Beartooth Pass, Wyoming


You’ll certainly get the sensations of being on a roller coaster as you ride down this road. At times, the Beartooth Pass takes you straight down, then up, then down, a lot. With little guardrails you can enjoy the amazing scenery. Everything from mountains, forest, rivers, rocks, snow and tundra. You will want to pull off to one of the many pullouts and peer over the edge.

6. San Juan Mountain Skyway, Colorado



This road offers more than just beautiful views. Enjoy a few stops on the way like historic mining towns, national parks and forests and world-class ski resorts. You’ll also pass whats known as the “Switzerland of America,” red-rock canyons, river valleys, majestic mountain tops and hot springs. Be careful on this route; it has countless turns and switchbacks, some with/without guardrails. Be ready for the many descents and climbs on this 225-mile-long road.

7. Tunnel of Trees Road, Michigan



Located just 35 miles southwest of the popular tourist stop, Mackinac Island. Hugging the eastern shore line of Lake Michigan, on one side you can catch a glimpse of cabins. While on the other, you see shoreline. This is one of those roads you see in a travel magazine that you can’t get your mind off of until you go. With the tunnels of trees, it’s an ideal ride in the fall as colors change. Though it only stretches 22 miles, there’s so many sights to see it will take a little over an hour to complete.

8. Cherohala Skyway, Tennessee



This 40-mile road is a biker’s dream. Starting from Robbinsville, North Carolina it connects you to Tellico Plains, Tennessee. Along Blue Ridge Parkway, you’ll notice there’s very little sign of civilization. The sweeping turns will tempt you to ride faster but beware of the tighter curves. You risk injury if you don’t follow the speed. Known as “a drive among the clouds” you’ll reach elevations of over 5400 feet high and the views will be spectacular.

9. Arkansas Pig Trail, Arkansas



Cut through Ozark National Forest on this 19-mile long portion of Arkansas Highway 23. If you’re a thrill seeker, you’ll appreciate the steep hills, drop offs and switchbacks.The best time to go is during the spring and fall when wildflowers are blooming and leaves are changing color. If you’re looking for recreational activities along the way, check out their whitewater rafting, kayaking and camping. Pig Trail provides easy access to all of these.

10. Three Sisters (aka The Twisted Sisters), Texas

twister sister 2


Ready to see apart of Texas like you’ve never seen before? Starting in Medina with many hills and twisty roads, “The Twisted Sisters” will give you the sensation of being on a roller coaster. Hold on tight, there are sharp turns! Along the 131-mile experience, you’ll ride along clear rivers, million dollar vistas and Texas-style ranches all amidst real ranchers.

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