Ways to Spend Quality Time With Your Dog

Your dog is your… best friend, roommate, emotional support, snuggle buddy – but most importantly, your companion. To him, you’re his everything and the main person that he interacts with all day. Let him know he’s special by making the effort to spend some extra quality time with him. Here are some great bonding ideas for you and your pup.

If the weather permits, there’s nothing more exciting for a dog than the word “outside,” and that’s where you two should go. Any outdoor activity is guaranteed to brighten your dog’s mood. You two can go swimming at a nearby lake, explore the nature trails behind your house, or even just play ball in the backyard.

Taking your dog out for some exercise is a great way for you to show him some love. Remember to test the temperature of the pavement you’re walking on before you leave your yard. Typically, the pavement is much hotter than the actual temperature outside, and this can burn your dog’s paws and cause serious blistering. You can test the pavement’s temperature by pressing your palm flat against it in a sunny area and hold for 10 seconds. If the pavement burns your palm, then it’s not safe for your pup to walk on. Try taking him out in the early morning or later evening when the sun isn’t so powerful.

Always keep your Scout charged and on his collar to make sure that you two don’t get separated!

If it’s a rainy day, and you two don’t feel like splashing around in puddles, you can still find some fun together inside. Your dog just wants to be next to you, so he’ll probably be down to snug with you while you watch Netflix – brownie points for quality time if you scratch his head.

If you have more energy, you can teach him new tricks. Take some training treats, and look up new tricks for your dog to learn online. It takes patience and consistency; your dog can’t learn a new trick right away. Reward him every time he gets close to what you’re trying to get him to do, and then once he gets that down, only reward him when he does the full trick correctly. Dogs can learn to do some amazing things. Check out these cute tricks performed by Nana the Border Collie for inspiration.

After a long day of bonding, you two can end it with a sleepover. Drag his bed into your room, or let him sleep in your bed. Tell him stories about when he was a puppy. Even if he doesn’t completely understand what you’re saying, he will still enjoy hearing you talk to him.


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