What Chores Your Child Should Be Doing at Each Age

Chores are common in almost every household, and they give children a sense of purpose and responsibility. Even though kids complain about completing the tasks assigned to them, when they successfully finish the chore, they will feel accomplished and proud.

Even if your child’s chore isn’t as efficient as it would be if you did it, it’s still important to remember that your children should develop a work ethic at a young age. This will help them to engrain self-discipline in their personalities to use for the rest of their lives.

Here are some chores that we believe are the most appropriate for each age range.

Ages 2-3

  • Clean up toys
  • Wipe up messes
  • Put dirty clothes in laundry hamper
  • Throw trash away

Ages 4-6

  • Feed pets
  • Make bed
  • Get the newspaper and mail
  • Bring laundry baskets to laundry room
  • Water plants

Ages 7-9

  • Clear and set the table
  • Clean bathroom counters
  • Collect trash from smaller trash cans
  • Empty/load dishwasher
  • Help put away groceries

Ages 10-12

  • Walk dog
  • Sweep floors
  • Clean windows
  • Take trash to curb

Ages 13+

  • Clean toilets
  • Babysit younger siblings
  • Cook easy meals
  • Mow yard
  • Pull weeds
  • Make own school lunch the night before


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