Why Scout GPS Tracker Makes a Great Christmas Gift

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? Are you stumped on what to get a loved one in your life? Here’s who you should buy a Scout for.

Moms and Dads

The most stressful part of parenting is always having to worry about if your kids are safe. Scout protects children by allowing the parents to know where their kids are at all times from anywhere in the world.

As long as the Scout is charged and on the child’s belt loop or in their pocket, the parents can see the exact location of the Scout from their smartphone on the Find My Scout app.

Children of all ages from 1-17 need protection from their parents. Your loved ones can make sure their elementary-school-aged children made it to school on time by setting up designated zones on the GPS map and receiving a notification once their child enters that zone (the school campus).


Teens on the road can be monitored with the Find My Scout app, as well. Parents will be able to tell how fast their teen was going in between locations, where they were at specific times, and whether or not they made it to school.


Pet Owners

Pets are unpredictable. Even the ones who have never run away before can get spooked during a fireworks show on the Fourth of July and become missing within a matter of seconds.

Become notified whenever your pet leaves your designated zone (backyards, front yards, neighborhoods, houses) so that you will know immediately when your pet is gone.

If you often take your pet on hikes or to the beach, feel free to give them a little more slack and let them off the leash this time. If you two become separated, you can easily track your pet’s real-time location straight from your smartphone to find them immediately.

If you know someone who is getting a pet for a Christmas present, then the Scout is a wonderful gift to get them.


Motorcycle Drivers

Scout is the only anti-theft system to use GPS, cellular, Bluetooth and vibration sensing to guarantee your loved one’s ride is right where they left it.

In addition to theft protection, Scout also reports speed, heading, and keeps a history of recent locations.


Music Festival Lovers

If your loved one goes to music festivals, they can use Scout’s location feature to find their friends if they have to split up.

At most festivals, phone service rarely works due to all of the people using the cell phone towers in a condensed area. The Bluetooth feature will allow the Scout to work when cellular GPS is unavailable, and your loved one will be able to track their friend’s location in no time.



Do you know someone who’s leaving the country for vacation soon? Unless they purchase a new phone plan, they probably won’t be able to rely on their cell phones for communication with their friends.

Just like for the music festival goer, if they need to split up from their companions, they can use the Scout’s Bluetooth feature to be able to reunite with the group after going their separate ways.

For example, if your loved one’s travel buddy wants to go to a different museum than your loved one, the travel buddy can hold onto the Scout, and then your loved one can meet up with them later.


People Who Always Forget Where They Parked Their Car

We all know someone who can never remember where they parked their car (maybe it’s even you). The Scout can be wired to your loved one’s car so that it will always be charging when the car is on.

Then, when your loved one can’t remember where they parked their car, they will be able to easily track their car’s exact location by looking at the Find My Scout app map on their phone.



Whoever you buy a Scout for will be extra appreciative because it’s the gift that keeps on giving. It will protect those who matter most. To take advantage of our holiday bundles and deals, go to findmyscout.com/holidays and use our coupon code GIVEASCOUT for 25% off your purchase.